Nov 4, 1991
Boston - NY Islanders4-6

Fight at 35:00
Duration 0:11ThrownLanded   Big   
 Steve Leach 5'11'' 1200lb 10720A Lot
 Rob DiMaio 5'10'' 1190lb 1013102
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Jan 29 17:33 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
New York Islanders' heavyweights Mick Vukota and Ken Baumgartner on the ice and stirring things up but it's middleweight, Rob DiMaio who ends up dropping the gloves after meeting up with the Boston Bruins' Steve Leach. They drop the gloves, grab on with the left, and wait a moment before Leach lands a right. DiMaio counters with two rights, landing one that knocks Leach's helmet off before Leach misses a right and ducks just as DiMaio misses a right. DiMaio then lands a right as Leach misses a right before landing another right just before Leach misses a right. DiMaio then lands a right again but falls to a knee while Leach lands a right. DiMaio is back to his feet fast and keeps Leach's head down while changing hands. DiMaio lands two lefts and Leach misses a right badly before DiMaio lands three lefts in a row, two of them to the body. Leach changes hands in the meantime and then misses a left while DiMaio lands a left. Leach topples over afterwards and DiMaio misses a left as he's brought down too. A linesman comes in and grabs DiMaio who stops throwing with Leach on the ice. A short but spirited scrap with both guys throwing. However it was all DiMaio. Leach stood in there but he threw less, landed less, didn't land as well, and was cut above the left eye after the fight.
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Apr 29, 2007 22:09 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
These two drop the gloves after a stoppage with both grabbing the middle of the others' sweater. Starts off with Leach landing a nice right to the forehead, but its returned with a great right from Robby that pops Leach's head back and knocks his helmet off. They then both open up, with Leach burring his head and throwing 5 missed rights, while DiMaio throws 6 rights, with the first two connecting, then missing, then landing two more rights, and the final right is looping "grab" punch to the back of the shoulder. After the looping right that grabs the shoulder, DiMaio opens up with the left, with 5 lefts, all of which connect, and come from both over and under. Through the left handed flurry, Leach throws a left hook, that falls well short, and the momentum takes the two to the ice. DiMaio does land one on the way down, but its already as Leach has missed and is off balance - going down already.

Leach did smack his head off the ice, and split his head open over the left eye. Perfect example of the momentum taking him down, as it was so much of a miss and so quick, he didnt have a chance to get his hands out to stop him.

Clear win, for Rob DiMiao.
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Apr 2, 2014 18:03 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
Leach and DiMaio had a good action bout. Steve landed a solid right hand. Rob landed a pretty good shot, missed a couple of punches and landed two solid blows. Leach missed a punch, landed an average connect, and missed a few punches. DiMaio landed three solid lefts. Steve landed an average left. DiMaio landed a solid blow and missed a shot.

I rate this as a clear win for DiMaio. He landed more shots and with better pop. Leach was game, but he took a lot of effective punches in the bout.
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Dec 2, 2004 08:43 ET
Rob DiMaio decisive win Fun 
Each threw some rights, then DiMaio switched to the left and hammered Leach down. Leach was cut over his left eye.
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Feb 24, 2005 23:05 ET
Rob DiMaio decisive win Fun 
Leach fell on right side of face, blood was on left. It must have come from punch(es)

very one sided win for DiMaio
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Aug 2, 2005 04:07 ET
Rob DiMaio decisive win Fun 
Leach got one in early, but then it was all Dimaio. Nice bloody scrap. Dimaio is not big guy, but tough and can throw with both hands.
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May 19, 2006 09:42 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
DiMaio lands early and often. Leach gets in a couple of decent punches but is outclassed in this one. DiMaio gets the takedown and when Leach gets up, the area near his left eye is dripping with blood.
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Jul 7, 2006 17:20 ET
Rob DiMaio win by TKO Fun 
Good fight between DiMaio and Leach, and I hate it when I'm the only one who calls a TKO because when I re-view it usually I'm wrong & the rest of the reviewing audience is correct - but what I saw at full speed was DiMaio and Leach squaring off near the corner and as the punches are being traded DiMaio lining up a big left hand that hits Leach right on the button and drops him to the ice before DiMaio falls on top of him and the linesmen intervene. Very entertaining action, especially for two guys who, while they're pretty tough aren't considered to be enforcers. I will watch it again to see if I should be calling it decisive as opposed to the TKO I gave it.

Very close between decisive and TKO, after peppering Leach with a flurry of rights DiMaio switches to his left and gets in another unanswered flurry and Leach goes down. What I can't see was if he fell or a punch put him down. First viewing I would have sworn a straight left was the cause, after more viewings I can why everyone thinks that somewhere in-between the barrage of lefts that Leach fell and covered up. Just watched it again and I have to stay with my call of TKO - the punches are just continuous until Leach goes down, can't see how he had time to wait for DiMaio to stop throwing to go down unassisted, and I don't think he was dragged down. Very close, though, I have to admit.
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Nov 15, 2006 05:41 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
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Dec 29, 2006 13:40 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
I don't think this was a TKO. DiMiao didn't land one big punch that dropped Leach, rather he kinda threw him down.
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Feb 11, 2007 13:17 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
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Sep 19, 2015 04:42 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
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May 25, 2016 23:50 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
Totally dominating performance by DiMaio as he controls the bout the whole time landing blow after blow for the clear victory.
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Jun 15, 2016 01:12 ET
Rob DiMaio decisive win Fun 
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Apr 21, 2017 09:27 ET
Rob DiMaio clear win Fun 
DiMaio just beats the shit out of Leach who is an awful fighter to begin with.
Jun 18, 2007 02:58 ET
Sep 21, 2013 06:51 ET
This was one of Uber-Homer Derek Sanderson's most legendary calls.

Leach gets pummeled by DiMaio and busted open. The play-by-play guy correctly observes that Leach took some punishment, but Sanderson interjects that Leach landed punches, too: "He gave some! He gave some!" He landed ONE punch, Derek.

It was DiMaio's fist that cut up Leach, not the fall to the ice. The left side of his head had the cut, but it was the right side that hit the ice. Sanderson: "That's from his head hitting the ice."

And then Sanderson downplays the beating Leach took: "He lost the wrestling match."

Did Sanderson truly believe the nonsense he babbled? Did he actually buy his own BS? Or was he just pulling everyone's leg?
Sep 21, 2013 09:44 ET
Sanderson was a terrible announcer. I am somewhat fond of him because he turned his life around after being on the verge of disaster after his career ended. He is a good guy and a gentleman. However, he was about as biased as they come in calling hockey fights. He is a good man, but his commentary was often very detached from reality.Reply
Sep 21, 2013 09:53 ET
Quote from message by BattleshipRules
Sanderson was a terrible announcer. I am somewhat fond of him because he turned his life around after being on the verge of disaster after his career ended. He is a good guy and a gentleman. However, he was about as biased as they come in calling hockey fights. He is a good man, but his commentary was often very detached from reality.
I suppose he should be admired for cleaning his life up.

But yeah, what a terrible announcer. Nasally voice and ludicrous statements.
Sep 21, 2013 13:51 ET
Derek Sanderson reminds me of Jay Carney.Reply
Sep 21, 2013 16:19 ET
Apr 20, 2017 16:52 ET

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