Oct 12, 1991
Chicago - Washington7-2

Fight at 46:10
Duration 0:22ThrownLanded   Big   
 Jocelyn Lemieux 5'11'' 1210lb 515102None
 Nick Kypreos 6'0'' 1205lb 5950
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Jan 23, 2006 18:14 ET
Jocelyn Lemieux clear win Fun 
This fight starts as the two players go down in a collision in the corner, and they start throwing down while both of them are on their knees. As soon as they get back on their feet, Lemieux has the better position and just starts pounding Kypreos repeatedly with straight rights. Kypreos comes back with with about 4 or 5 shots of his own and almost knocks Lemieux down, but Jocelyn regains his balance and after a little bit of wrestling, gets his right loose and once again starts whaling away on Kyper. Nick ducks down and barely misses two wild uppercuts by Lemieux. After he straighten himself out, Kypreos lands one more shot and they both go down with Kypreos on top. A spirited fight, but Lemieux gets the decision for those 2 stretched where he absolutley owned Kypreos.
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Dec 28, 2013 10:04 ET
Jocelyn Lemieux clear win Fun 
Nick Kypreos and Jocelyn Lemieux get tangled up along the boards and Kypreos then takes Lemieux to the ice. Kypreos throws a gloved left while on top of Lemieux and then drops the gloves before they get up. Lemiexu drops the gloves and they grab on in close quarters. Lemeiux throws a series of ten rights, landing seven while Kypreos just hangs on and keeps his head down at first but then throws six lefts and lands three just as Lemieux stops throwing. Kypreos pauses and throws three lefts, landing one after. They wrestle and Kyproes gets his head down again as Lemieux opens up with five lefts, landing three, and knocking off Kypreos' helmet. Kypreos throws two lefts and lands one, then lands a right while getting back into close quarters on Lemieux. Kypreos wrestles Lemieux down and the referees get in to break it up. Spirited scrap. Win to Lemieux for landing more and better punches.
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Oct 6, 2012 05:17 ET
Jocelyn Lemieux clear win Fun 
Good tilt. Lemieux just hammers Kypreos with rights in the beginning. Kypreos comes back with lefts, but Lemieux answers with a flurry again. Kypreos gets in one left at the end and wrestles Lemieux down, but Lemieux outlanded Kypreos for the clear win here. Lemieux didn't fight very often but he could throw them.
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Apr 20, 2017 16:54 ET
Jocelyn Lemieux clear win Fun 
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Apr 21, 2017 09:26 ET
Jocelyn Lemieux clear win Fun 
Apr 20, 2017 16:53 ET

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