Sep 24, 2009
Anaheim - Vancouver3-2 OT

Fight at 29:45
Duration 0:15ThrownLanded   Big   
 Ryan Carter 6'2'' 3205lb 15330N/A
 Rick Rypien 5'11'' 3190lb 151161
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Sep 30, 2009 06:16 ET
Rick Rypien decisive win Fun 
Shortly after taking a faceoff against each other, Ryan Carter and Rick Rypien squareoff against one another. Rypien moves in and grabs onto Carter with the left while Carter grabs on with the right. Rypien throws a fast trio of lefts, landing two which stun Carter and get him backpedalling. Carter puts his head down and misses a right as Rypien throws a duo of lefts, landing one. Carter lands a left but gets knocked to the ice by Rypien who changes hands and lands a right. Rypien changes hands again and Carter gets up. Rypien lands a left then Carter throws a single right which is blocked by Rypien's left arm. Rypien throws three lefts and lands two, Carter falls down again. Rypien lands another left and then the referees get in to protect Carter. All Rypien in this bout. Alright scrap.
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Sep 30, 2009 10:24 ET
Rick Rypien decisive win Fun 
Ryan Carter decides to take on Canucks' Rick Rypien right of the faceoff in the Vancouver zone. They grab on after a short square off as Rypien starts hammering Carter with the left hooks, only one of which looks to land flush. Carter answers with a long right but loses balance and goes to his knees. Rypien lands a right to the helmet and helps him to get up. He connects with one left, checks his bucket and receives a right. Carter goes off-balance again and takes a couple of lefts. He falls to the ice and Rypien continues firing lefts until the moment, when the linesman grabs his punching arm. Carter got up but the refs were already in.

Decent fight with a pretty easy win for Rick Rypien. I give him the decisive win 'cause I believe, that the linesmen broke it up to save Carter from more punishment.
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Oct 16, 2009 12:57 ET
Rick Rypien decisive win Fun 
Rypien vs. Carter

Rypien and Carter are taking the draw against each other. Rypien wins it clean and Carter goes to fore check but Rypien gets in the way of Carter and challenges him. There is no history between these two but so Rypien must be doing this to make an impression on management and spark the team. After some convincing Carter says yes and these two drop the gloves and square off.

It looks like they are going to grab on but before they do Rypien throws a left hook that lands right around the temple area of Carter and wobbles him. Carter tries to answers with a right which grazes Rypien but Rypien throws a right that misses then switches back to the left and connects with a shot and Carter falls to the ice. Rypien lets him up and tries to throw another left that misses and Carter throws a right that comes up short. Rypien then continues with a couple lefts and swings Carter around and he falls to the ice and the refs jump in to stop Carter from taking any further shots.

I am giving this a decisive win for Rypien. He had Carter on the ice and the refs had to jump in to save Carter from further punishment because he was in a bad position. Carter was trying to get up but the refs did not want him to take anymore punches so they stopped the fight.
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Oct 1, 2009 06:30 ET
Rick Rypien clear win Fun 
Carter was trying to use the right and he took some quick lefts from Rypien that sent him to a knee. Clear easy win for Rypien.
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Oct 12, 2017 19:13 ET
Rick Rypien decisive win Fun 
Sep 30, 2009 05:56 ET

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