Mar 26, 1988
Quebec - Boston2-6

Summary Of Events
1  19:18  Injury    
2  52:10  Fight  Donnelly-Miller

Injury at 19:18
Quebec PlayersBoston Players
Duration N/A  Steven Finn     Cam Neely   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Fight at 52:10
Duration 0:28ThrownLanded   Big   
 Gord Donnelly 6'1'' 1202lb 818111None
 Jay Miller 6'2'' 1210lb 81651
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Mar 6, 2010 11:52 ET
Gord Donnelly narrow win Fun 
Jay Miller gets into it with Gord Donnelly during a shift and after some rough stuff between them the two rivals shed the mitts. They're in close quarters from the beginning and Donnelly throws two lefts with one connecting. Donnelly then pries off Miller's helmet while Miller misses a right. Then they exchange short punches, both throwing fast. Donnelly lands six out of seven lefts as Miller lands one out of five rights. Miller starts ducking and Donnelly misses a left. Miller then gets his head up a little bit and misses a right but then Donnelly connects with a right that gets Miller ducking again. They wrestle with Miller changing hands and missing a left as Donnelly throws two lefts and lands one. Donnelly tries to stand back while missing two lefts but Miller stays in close quarters. They wrestle and Miller misses a left and gets his head up before Donnelly connects on a left. Then Miller throws three lefts, connecting with one as he stands back. Then Donnelly lands a left as Miller connects on a left. Miller misses a follow up left and Donnelly also misses a left. Miller then misses a left as they go back in close quarters. Miller lands a left but the linesmen decide to come in and end the fight. An alright tussle. Donnelly got the best of it early on for sure but then Miller started to come back late but the linesmen finished the fight before Miller could overtake the advantage Donnelly built up.
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Oct 5, 2007 06:59 ET
Gord Donnelly narrow win Fun 
Donnelly lands more punches in the early going when he goes with lefts and Miller with rights. Miller starts to come back in the end with lefts, but Donnelly ties him up and lets the linesmen come in before Miller can even it up.
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Mar 20, 2017 15:34 ET
Gord Donnelly clear win Fun 
Decent fight, Donnelly takes the early lead landing some good blows, Miller comes on in the 2nd half but Donnelly stems the tide with a couple of his own, close fight but Donnelly clearly landed more to earn the big win.
Dec 9, 2009 09:36 ET
Derek, just shut the hell up.Reply
Apr 3, 2013 05:11 ET
Amen to thatReply
May 5, 2016 14:09 ET
Mar 20, 2017 15:34 ET
It's awesome this fight finally showed up here because I was at this game and it's nice to watch it again. I remember well being there and very excitedly thinking after Bourque was checked hard by Donnelly, "where's Jay", and no sooner did I think it but here he came over the boards making a beeline for Donnelly.
Great stuff and very fond memories of the old Boston Garden and those all time great teams. Almost brings a tear to the eye of this old man.

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