Jan 11, 1986
Edmonton - Montreal6-3

Summary Of Events
1  31:17  Cheap Shot  Jackson-Carbonneau
2  31:17  Fight  Jackson-Nilan

Cheap Shot at 31:17
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Duration 0:02
 Don Jackson  (Aggressor) 6'3'' 4210lb 35None
 Guy Carbonneau  (Victim) 5'11'' 4175lb 35
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Jul 11 18:37 ET
Jackson and Carbonneau engaged each other physically in the slot area. Don got tripped up and Guy was over him. Carbonneau foolishly poked at Don's midsection. Jackson slashed Guy on the face and Carbonneau writhed around on the ice in pain.

It was a very dirty move by Jackson to slash Carbonneau on the face. Guy did foolishly provoke Don with a moderate spear to the midsection. Jackson overreacted and slashed Guy in the face.

Fight at 31:17
Duration 0:22ThrownLanded   Big   
 Don Jackson 6'3'' 3210lb 5200None
 Chris Nilan 6'0'' 3205lb 51443
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Jun 14, 2015 15:56 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
Don Jackson gets his stick up on Guy Carbonneau, sending him to the ice. As Carbonneau is down and holding his hands to his face, Chris Nilan steps in and drops the gloves with Jackson. Nilan gets in tight and they pause for a couple moments before Nilan throws three rights, landing one and then misses a right as Jackson lands a left. Nilan stays in tight while throwing five rights, landing one while Jackson tries to get his right loose but can't. Jackson then misses a right that causes his hand to get caught up in his jersey. Nilan misses a right and has his helmet come off as they wrestle. Nilan then gets some space between them and throws six rights, landing three and cracking Jackson pretty nicely with one. Jackson just ducks his head afterwards and the linesmen notice so they get in on the fight. Not a very good fight but not a bad one either. All Nilan here as Jackson never got going and in the end was cranked with a good right from Nilan after taking a few earlier on. Jackson was clearly stunned from the punch and the linesmen were in fast.
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Jul 11 18:33 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
Jackson got into an altercation with Guy Carbonneau. Carbonneau took a poke at Don and Jackson responded by some dirty stick work to the face. Guy was on the ice writing in pain. Nilan came over to do some enforcing and the fight was on. Chris landed an average punch and missed a couple of shots. He landed an average right.

Jackson landed a decent left and missed two punches. Nilan landed a solid punch and missed a blow. He landed two body punches and missed a shot. Don missed a right hand. Chris landed a decent blow and a partial connect. He landed a solid shot and missed a punch. He landed a couple of average blows and the refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a decisive win for Nilan. Chris completely wrapped up Jackson's right arm. Nilan landed a number of effective blows. Don was reduced to putting his head down and ducking out of the way at the end.
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Oct 28, 2006 11:00 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
In the Edmonton zone Jackson highsticks Guy Carbonneau in the face. Nilan immediately steps in and takes charge of the fight. He throws a right hand uppercut and then a flurry of right hand punches at Jackson. Jackson have his arms tied up and tries desperately to free his right arm. Nilan continues to pound away with his right until he connects with a beautiful uppercut that stuns Jackson. Nilan can see that Jackson is hurt and peppers away with some nice uppercuts to the body and face until the linesmen steps in, saving Jackson from further punishment.
Jackson was hurt by that uppercut and is visibly woozy.
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Apr 8, 2005 15:24 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
This occured after Jackson high sticked Guy Carbonneau in the face injuring him. Nilan moves in immediatly and just pounds away on him. Another good example of teammates looking out for eachother.
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Jun 29, 2012 17:30 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
They come in close at the beginning and its Nilan who's doing most of the punching as he connects that includes an uppercut at this point in time. Then, Jackson makes things worse for himself when he somehow gets stuck with his loosened jersey which locks up his arms. This gives Nilan adequate time to land more punches with a few well-aimed uppercuts which motivates the refs to rescue Jackson. Jackson seems to be on the wane in his fighting career at this point in time.
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Jul 9 01:06 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
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Jul 9 07:58 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
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Jul 9 15:50 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
Nilan steps up for a teammate and destroys Jackson landing several rights including some big uppercuts that have Jackson hurt and covering up by fights end, decisive win Nilan.
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Jul 28 01:03 ET
Chris Nilan decisive win Fun 
Jul 9 01:07 ET

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