Nov 9, 1984
NY Islanders - NY Rangers4-5 OT

Summary Of Events
1  8:18  Fight  Langevin-McPhee
2  17:42  Fight  Tonelli-Sandstrom

Fight at 8:18
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Dave Langevin 6'2'' 5215lb 45000A Lot
 George McPhee 5'9'' 5170lb 45631
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Apr 4, 2012 13:18 ET
George McPhee win by TKO Fun 
George McPhee was a great battler despite his small stature. Langevin wasn't a great fighter, but he was competent with his fists. He had an overwhelming size advantage over McPhee. The two men got into a shoving match in front of the Islanders net.

McPhee was quick on the draw and threw some powerful right hands. Langevin seemed initially unprepared to swap blows. He may have saw this altercation as shaping up to be a routine scrum. He looked surprised when George started to fire away with power punches.

George hammered Langevin with a hard right cross at the onset of the bout. This punch landed right on Dave's nose and did significant damage. George followed up with another good right. Dave started to clinch and the officials were quick to intervene. It was apparent to the zebras that Langevin was hurt and in trouble. George went in to finish him off. He threw a couple more rights as Dave slumped to the ice. McPhee appeared to connect with another blow or two.

Langevin was badly hurt and opened up by McPhee's first blow. He was bleeding profusely and there was a small pool of blood on the ice. Dave was slow to get up. He held his face and grimaced in pain. It was an impressive win by McPhee.

This bout appeared to be a TKO win to me. McPhee's first few punches were hard shots, but Dave stayed on his feet. However, Dave started to slump to the ice as McPhee went to finish him off. George landed a couple more shots that ensured that Langevin slid to the ice. Some reviewers see this as a decisive win because the referees intervened. I can understand that viewpoint, but I think McPhee's follow up blows were primarily what caused him to go to the ice. The fact that Langevin was on the ice for a long time indicates to me that he was badly hurt and that this should be regarded as a TKO victory for McPhee.

McPhee was one of the great pound-for-pound battlers in NHL history. He rates up there with Terry Ruskowski, Stan Jonathan, and Garry Howatt as the best fighters under 175 pounds. George had fast hands like Ruskowski. He resembled the rock-em sock-em robots with his all action style. George had great power for a small man. He didn't hit quite as hard as Jonathan, but he could do damage with his shots. McPhee wasn't a brilliant strategist like Howatt, but he had more pop on his punches.

McPhee, along with Ruskowski, Jonathan, and Howatt were the best of the undersized battlers. These men could all compete with the big boys. All of them bit off more than they could chew sometimes. McPhee was overmatched against John Kordic and Dave Brown. However, George could hold his own with excellent fighters like Bob Nystrom and Rick Tocchet.

I love the great pound-for-pound fighters. I have a life-long love of history and I spent a lot of time looking up facts about great boxers like Sam Langford, Charley Burley, Mickey Walker, and "Barbados Demon" Joe Walcott. These great fighters were welterweights and middleweights who were fearless and performed well against light heavyweights and heavyweights. They were guys that not only could hang in there against the elite big guys, they could win many of these bouts as well.

McPhee, Ruskowski, Jonathan, and Howatt remind me of the great boxers of old. They were fearless gladiators who thrived in the land of the giants. They routinely fought guys thirty or more pounds heavier then themselves. They asked no quarter and never complained about height and reach discrepancies. These were hockey fighting legends. If there were a Mount Rushmore for pint-sized pugilists, these four would be sculpted into stone.
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Mar 20, 2005 21:05 ET
George McPhee decisive win Fun 
Starts with pushing and shoving, McPhee surprises the bigger Langevin by popping him with a couple hard shots that stunned Langevin, McPhee lands about 5 punches with no returns from Langevin, linesmen jump in to save Langevin.
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Dec 1, 2005 18:26 ET
George McPhee decisive win Fun 
I actually felt bad for Langevin while watching this one. Not much response from the bigger player as McPhee hammers away and bloodies him before the linesmen finally step in to save the day.
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Oct 23, 2013 10:19 ET
George McPhee decisive win Fun 
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Oct 23, 2013 16:46 ET
George McPhee decisive win Fun 
Boy oh boy McPhee never gave Langevin a chance to get going and just creamed him wow
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Apr 18, 2016 23:28 ET
George McPhee decisive win Fun 
All McPhee as he hammers Langevin to the ice.
Apr 25, 2006 09:13 ET
I'm not sure whether or not it was this fight, but I do remember McPhee bloodying Langevin at some time (maybe during a playoff game?). If anyone knows for sure, please comment.Reply
Mar 15, 2011 19:52 ET

Fight at 17:42
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 John Tonelli 6'1'' 2195lb 11N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Tomas Sandstrom 6'3'' 2206lb 11N/AN/AN/A
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