Feb 21, 1985
Toronto - Philadelphia1-4

Summary Of Events
1  52:22  Hit  Frycer-Cochrane
2  59:10  Fight  Brubaker-Cochrane

Hit at 52:22
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Duration N/A
 Miroslav Frycer  (Victim) 6'0'' 2201lb 9N/A
 Glen Cochrane  (Aggressor) 6'2'' 2210lb 9
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Jun 20, 2009 11:12 ET
Miroslav Frycer dekes around Glen Cochrane and takes the puck down the boards and into the corner. Cochrane goes back after Frycer and puts a hand on his upper body. Cochrane then throws Frycer into the boards and down to the ice. Frycer goes down and stays down hurt. Later in the game, Jeff Brubaker goes after Cochrane for this hit, leading to a great fight between the two heavyweights. Fun 
May 5, 2008 22:17 ET

Fight at 59:10
Duration 0:30ThrownLanded   Big   
 Jeff Brubaker 6'2''  210lb  2093None
 Glen Cochrane 6'2''  210lb  25187
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May 18, 2008 15:53 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
After Cochrane upends a Maple Leaf player, you just know something is going to happen. Right after the whistle, while the players are changing lines, Brubaker challenges him.

Brubaker gets the jump on Cochrane landing several unanswered shots. Cochrane actually drops to a knee with Brubaker still firing away. Cochrane gets up and all bloody hell breaks loose. Cochrane pulls his right arm free from his jersey after he gets to his feet and unloads several wild right hands on Brubaker.

Cochrane reels off 6 right hands before Brubaker can respond. When he does begin firing again it's not nearly with as much authority as Cochrane. Cochrane is firing major right hands and Brubaker is game for standing in there, but Glen is pouring it on. Brubaker just holds on unable to further withstand Cochrane's assault. The linesmen get in and save Brubaker.

I gave Cochrane a decisive victory in this one because Brubaker was all over him at the outset, but Cochrane came back and then some. After Cochrane gets his right free from his jersey, Brubaker still attempts to slug it out even though Cochrane lands several solid shots. Brubaker was game but no match for Cochrane in this one.
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Mar 8, 2013 18:39 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
This one started because Cochrane hauled down Miroslav Frycer in the corner. He just flung him hard to the ice and Frycer was flat on the surface for some time. Brubaker came off the bench to go after Cochrane. He landed a pretty good right hand and had Glen on the ice. He threw several follow up blows, but Cochrane covered up and weathered the storm. Brubaker landed a solid uppercut, connected with a couple of helmet shots, and landed a couple of partial connects.

Cochrane rose to his feet. He shed the jersey right away, which gave him greater mobility to throw powerful rights. He connected with a solid blow. Brubaker was stuck on his knees and was at a disadvantage. Glen landed a solid uppercut, a pretty good shot, and a couple of decent blows. He missed with a couple of attempts.

Brubaker missed with a left and a right. He connected with a decent right and missed a punch. Cochrane landed a solid blow and a pretty good right. Glen grabbed the back of Jeff's collar with his left hand and held his head as a stationary target. Then, he started to tee off and connect with some big rights.

Cochrane took control and started to batter Brubaker. He landed five right hands with pretty good pop. Jeff was game and continued to fight back. He landed a solid left and missed with a couple of rights. Cochrane landed a solid blow, a pretty good shot, and two good right hands. The refs had seen enough and decided to stop the bout.

I rate this as a decisive win for Cochrane. Brubaker started off strong in the fight, but he took a shellacking over the second half of the fight. He was in tough shape at the end of the fight. The refs were forced to step in as he was absorbing a beating.
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May 23, 2015 11:52 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
Jeff Brubaker goes after Glen Cochrane for a rough hit he laid on Miroslav Frycer earlier in the third period. During a stoppage in play Brubaker finds Cochrane and they drops the gloves. They each get a hold on the other with the left and Brubaker misses a right. Cochrane misses a right and loses his balance as Brubaker misses a right. Brubaker goes to the ice while throwing a series of ten straight rights and connects with six, most are to the helmet but one lands cleanly to the face when Cochrane's on his knees and covering up. However Cochrane withstands the barrage and gets back up, throwing four rights and landing one while Brubaker is still on his knees. Cochrane's throwing gets his right arm to come out from his jersey. Brubaker gets back up and misses a right as Cochrane lands a right hard to the face of Brubaker. Brubaker ducks and switches hands while Cochrane lands two rights. Brubaker then misses a left as Cochrane lands a right, then Cochrane misses a right as Brubaker lands a left. Cochrane gets in tight as Brubaker misses a left but Cochrane then stands back, landing two rights with one catching Brubaker cleanly. Brubaker lands a good left as Cochrane similarly lands a good right and Brubaker keeps ducking with Cochrane throwing three rights and connecting with one afterwards. Brubaker switches hands and misses a right, then Cochrane misses a right before Brubaker misses a right. Cochrane misses a right but after Brubaker misses a right, Cochrane throws two rights and lands one heavily. Cochrane misses a right as Brubaker misses a right and then Cochrane lands another good right while Brubaker misses a right. Cochrane connects with a right well and after Brubaker misses a right, they spin around. Brubaker continues ducking and switches hands while Cochrane throws two rights and lands one. Brubaker misses a left as Cochrane misses a right and Cochrane throws four rights, landing two with one catching Brubaker nicely. Brubaker gets bent over and linesmen rush in to break it up. Great fight. Brubaker wanted a piece of Cochrane to stand up for a teammate when Cochrane threw a big hit on Miroslav Frycer. Brubaker pounded Cochrane to the ice but Cochrane recovered. Once they back it up, it was all Cochrane. Brubaker was throwing but didn't connect with many while Cochrane landed a lot of punches, a number of which connected well. Brubaker had his head ducked the entire time they were unloading punches and eventually got bent over which got the linesmen to break it up.
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May 26, 2006 19:10 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
Brubaker was winning in the beginning, but Cochrane came back and pounded on him.
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Mar 7, 2011 16:16 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
At the line change. Brubaker starts well, pulling Cochrane to the ice and landing a right on the way. He continues landing the right, Cochrane pulls himself to the ice and takes control of the fight.

Glen continues throwing rights. Brubaker manages to return a couple rights, then switches to the left to land a couple on Cochranes shoulder. Cochrane continues his attack as Brubaker manages to throw a few meaningless punches in return but needs the linesmen's intervention.
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Jun 15, 2013 23:22 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
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Oct 10, 2015 00:30 ET
Glen Cochrane decisive win Fun 
Brubaker is winning the fight early but Cochrane gets his jersey off and just starts wailing away with rights landing several big shots and nearly drops Brubaker at one point.
May 5, 2008 22:17 ET

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