Dec 2, 1984
Calgary - Winnipeg6-8

Summary Of Events
1  8:00  Scrum    
2  8:00  Fight  Baxter-Turnbull

Scrum at 8:00
Calgary PlayersWinnipeg Players
Duration N/A  Paul Baxter  Ed Beers  Mike Eaves  Hakan Loob     Laurie Boschman  Dave Ellett  Perry Turnbull  Tim Watters   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Jan 7, 2016 10:32 ET
Some pushing and shoving behind the Jets net before the fight. Fun 

Fight at 8:00
Duration 0:07ThrownLanded   Big   
 Paul Baxter 5'11'' 3189lb 11110None
 Perry Turnbull 6'2'' 3200lb 11740
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Aug 12, 2017 14:20 ET
Perry Turnbull clear win Fun 
The puck goes up onto the back of the net, forcing a stoppage where all players on the ice gather around. Paul Baxter is on the outside of the crowd and gives Tim Watters a light push in the back, drawing the attention of Perry Turnbull. Turnbull approaches Baxter, who shoves Turnbull, who drops the gloves. Turnbull grabs Baxter and backs him up against the boards throwing a flurry of seven rights, landing four with a couple catching Baxter right in the face. Baxter is slow to get his own gloves off, getting a headlock on Turnbull and wrestling him to the ice. Baxter lands a left before coming down on top of Turnbull and the linesmen get in to break it up. Short scrap with Turnbull getting the jump on Baxter. Baxter didn't do much here, he barely even got his gloves off and just took Turnbull down after Turnbull got some rights in.
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Feb 20, 2008 12:09 ET
Perry Turnbull clear win Fun 
There's a small scrum going on behind the Jets-net. Baxter pushes Watters a bit and Turnbull takes exception and drops his gloves. Turnbull fires away with 4-5 rights before Baxter has his gloves off properly, the fight ends there with Baxter falling on top of Turnbull.

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