Mar 22, 1981
Quebec - NY Rangers7-7

Summary Of Events
1  33:10  Cheap Shot  Ftorek-Hospodar
2  33:13  Fight  Cote-Hospodar
3  59:45  Hit  Hunter-Greschner
4  59:52  Rough  Hunter-Beck

Cheap Shot at 33:10
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Duration N/A
 Robbie Ftorek  (Victim) 5'10'' 4172lb 38N/A
 Ed Hospodar  (Aggressor) 6'2'' 4210lb 38
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Jul 15, 2017 17:07 ET
This was a very scary moment for Ftorek. Hospodar had the puck and he was rushing up the ice. He got over the blue line and dished off the puck. Robbie was looking to put a hit on the Boxcar. He turned his body to the right to make some body contact with the shoulder first. He got his stick up, but it was facing away from the onrushing Hospodar. There was no attempt at stick-mongering in this instance.

The Boxcar had a second to respond. He got the stick up and cracked Ftorek on the neck and side of the face. Robbie was stunned and face-planted on the ice. Ftorek was out and gulping air in the aftermath. Medical personnel were attending to him. Teammates Michel Goulet and John Wensink were nearby to lend a helping hand if necessary. It was a tense situation. The group turned Robbie on his back. Wensink helped carry Robbie off the ice.

The Rangers announcers tried to deflect some blame from Hospodar by pointing out that Ftorek got his stick up. However, Robbie's body language indicated there was no attempt to spear his opponent. Ftorek was one of the smallest men in the NHL. He was trying to do the responsible thing to throw a body check. He actually braced his body by moving to the right and leading with the shoulder. Ftorek knew that checking wasn't his strong suit and he adjusted his body realizing that Hospodar was skating at a fast speed and might run him over otherwise.

I thought this was a dirty and brutal move by Hospodar. The argument could be made that Ed didn't have a lot of time to react. I think from a hockey standpoint where guys are used to high speed interactions, there was time to respond somewhat differently. Hospodar got his stick up and used it in an offensive, rather than a defensive manner. He saw an exposed opponent coming at him.

Ironically, Ftorek's attempt to shift his body to brace the blow exposed his neck to the oncoming Hospodar. Ed shoved forward his stick with terrific force. It was like an experienced predator going after the soft underbelly of a smaller animal. It seemed apparent that Hospodar knew exactly what he was doing. He did the maximum amount of damage possible in the situation.

The footage doesn't show the immediate aftermath of the hit. Apparently, Alain Cote went after Hospodar. The Rangers announcers said that Ed turtled. Cote got five minutes for fighting and Hospodar got a two minute minor. The Nordiques lost Ftorek for the rest of the night and got a penalty kill situation as well. Hospodar looked unconcerned in the penalty box. He began to yap some as well. Ftorek spent the night in the hospital and lost two teeth in the process.

This was the typical style of play for Hospodar. He was one of the dirtiest bottom-feeders of the league who seemed to lack a conscience. Ed was an eager fighter, but he was a vile stick man as well. There was some karma that came back to Hospodar after this hit. The Boxcar got derailed at the Moose Jaw junction. Ed foolishly started with Clark Gillies. Jethro landed a crunching uppercut to the mouth and Hospodar went down face-first. He was picking broken teeth out of his mouth as he was trying to get off the ice.

Ftorek was an undersized skill player. He was one of the first American-born players to make a big splash in professional hockey. He was a high school hockey legend who dazzled audiences in Needham, Massachusetts. Ftorek played in the 1972 Olympic games. He spent a little time in the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings. He wasn't given much time there, partly due to his diminutive size.

Ftorek was a WHA super star. He had blistering skating speed and exceptional puck handling skills. He was a league MVP at one point. He had some stellar years with the Phoenix Roadrunners and the Cincinnati Stingers. Robbie signed with the Nordiques as the league folded and merged with the NHL. Ftorek didn't put up the same dazzling numbers, but he averaged about a point a game for his first two seasons in the NHL.

Robbie was beset with injuries and he was aging. His prime years were in the WHA. He wasn't a prominent member of the New York Rangers. Ftorek retired and went into coaching. He went on to coach the Boston Bruins in the NHL. I appreciate Robbie because he liked enforcers. The Bruins of the Joe Thornton era had several capable fighters and the team was good offensively. There were a lot of 5-4 games with multiple fights. Ftorek brought an entertaining style of play to Boston. This was a big contrast with the lackluster play in the Dave Lewis-Mike Sullivan era.
Jul 13, 2017 21:07 ET
I just found a news article that said that the game where Hospodar knocked out Ftorek was a 7-7 tie. Ftorek lost two teeth and spent the night in the hospital after being carted off on a stretcher. A brutal hit.Reply
Jul 13, 2017 21:13 ET
Time is estimated.Reply
Jul 16, 2017 07:06 ET
Good review of a ghastly and barbaric incident, Battleship. It might be noted that Ftorek was usually listed as weighing 155 pounds; and that he went from being a point-a-game star during the 1980-81 season to washed up, following Hospodar's on-ice attack:
Robbie Ftorek
Born Jan 2 1952 -- Needham, MA
[65 yrs. ago]
Height 5.10 -- Weight 155 [178 cm/70 kg]

Robbie Ftorek hockey player photo

Regular Season Playoffs
Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
1970-71 Halifax Atlantics MJAHL Statistics Unavailable
1971-72 U.S. Olympic Team Intl 51 25 47 72 36
1972-73 Virginia Red Wings AHL 55 17 42 59 36 5 2 2 4 4
1972-73 Detroit Red Wings NHL 3 0 0 0 0 -- -- -- -- --
1973-74 Virginia Red Wings AHL 65 24 42 66 37 -- -- -- -- --
1973-74 Detroit Red Wings NHL 12 2 5 7 4 -- -- -- -- --
1974-75 Phoenix Roadrunners WHA 53 31 37 68 29 5 2 5 7 2
1974-75 Tulsa Oilers CHL 11 6 10 16 14 -- -- -- -- --
1975-76 Phoenix Roadrunners WHA 80 41 72 113 109 5 1 3 4 2
1976-77 Phoenix Roadrunners WHA 80 46 71 117 86 -- -- -- -- --
1977-78 Cincinnati Stingers WHA 80 59 50 109 54 -- -- -- -- --
1978-79 Cincinnati Stingers WHA 80 39 77 116 87 0 3 3 2 5 6
1979-80 Quebec Nordiques NHL 52 18 33 51 28 6 -- -- -- -- --
1980-81 Quebec Nordiques NHL 78 24 49 73 104 -19 5 1 2 3 17
1981-82 Quebec Nordiques NHL 19 1 8 9 4 -2 -- -- -- -- --
1981-82 New York Rangers NHL 30 8 24 32 24 8 10 7 4 11 11
1982-83 New York Rangers NHL 61 12 19 31 41 11 4 1 0 1 0
1983-84 New York Rangers NHL
Jul 16, 2017 11:48 ET
Thanks for the kind words. Surprised I had to add the event to the site. Absolutely brutal hit.Reply

Fight at 33:13
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Alain Cote 5'10'' 4205lb 5N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Ed Hospodar 6'2'' 4210lb 5N/AN/AN/A
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Jul 13, 2017 21:12 ET
Chadwick and Gordon said Boxcar turtled in the aftermath of the brutal hit on Ftorek. The penalties were announced on a clip. Cote got five for fighting and Hospodar got two minutes.Reply

Hit at 59:45
Added By Samuelsson
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Duration N/A
 Dale Hunter  (Aggressor) 5'10'' 4200lb 5N/A
 Ron Greschner  (Victim) 6'2'' 4205lb 5
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Jul 22, 2017 07:57 ET
Good hit by Hunter in Rangers zone. Dirty 

Rough at 59:52
Added By racersno5clackson
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Duration N/A
 Dale Hunter 5'10'' 5200lb 15N/A
 Barry Beck 6'3'' 5215lb 15
Feb 7, 2010 06:34 ET
Both Barry Beck and Dale Hunter received minors and misconduct penalties at the 19:52 mark of the third period.Reply
Feb 7, 2010 07:15 ET
Should be a roughReply
Feb 7, 2010 09:21 ET
Quote from message by Ovechkin962
Should be a rough
According to whom?
Feb 7, 2010 09:38 ET
They received minor and miscounduct. Probably a short fight or something like that...Reply
Jul 22, 2017 07:51 ET
Should be changed to rough.Reply
Jul 25, 2017 05:30 ET
Have you seen the event?Reply
Jul 25, 2017 06:25 ET
Yes, pushing, shoving and slashing hereReply
Jul 31, 2017 08:56 ET
Thanks for the info.Reply

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