Feb 19, 1977
Pittsburgh - Toronto6-6

Fight at 26:45
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 J.-Bob "Battleship" Kelly 6'2'' 3190lb  N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Dave "Tiger" Williams 5'11'' 3190lb  N/AN/AN/A
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Dec 6 20:11 ET
J.-Bob "Battleship" Kelly clear win Fun 
I saw this on CBC Ch 9 (Windsor)with my brother. This was in the corner far boards and Kelly landed a huge right that popped Tiger's helmet 15 feet in the air. Williams then became an octopus and held on to Kelly....Kelly was really frustrated that he couldn't get loose.
Definitely not a KO. Believe me I wished it was - I hated Tiger and Kelly was my favorite player...had that right landed on Tiger's jaw, maybe it would've been a KO, but alas it landed on the helmet.
Sep 23, 2004 09:06 ET
i remember this fight as if it were yesterday, j bob knocked the tiger to the ice with a series of uppercuts then skated away after waving to a bloodied tiger, smiling all the way to the sin binReply
Jul 21, 2008 16:39 ET
I saw this one too back in the day. Was it behind the net Kelly landed a huge right and knocked Williams helmet 15 ' in the air... but I remember Williams feeling that one then got the death grip going and wouldn't let Kelly loose. That's what I remember.Reply
Nov 29, 2012 03:35 ET
I've seen multiple accounts from reputable eyewitnesses that confirm that Kelly did indeed put some real hurt on Williams on this occasion.

I read an interesting article on Battleship from the September 21, 1976 issue of the Pittsbugh Press. Here is an excerpt:

"former Penguin Harvey Bennett is in awe of the way Kelly can stand in the crease and not get hit. He doesn't get any cheap shots.
It's like Kelly skates with a big glass dome around him, said Bennett, who is now with Washington. Nobody wants to touch him.
Nov 29, 2012 15:39 ET
Hmm , Williams with a KO loss one time in his career by a poster with 1 fight review ? Even a poster with the moniker "Battleship " does not recall it like that. Look i hated Williams too with Tor. and esp with Vanc. (iam an LA Kings fan since the mid seventies). But i went to school with a buddy from Toronto that saw many of his Battles . And i saw or listened too many of the LA Kings game of this era, and knew season ticket holders. Even in the 86-87 season Williams was graded at 4-2-6, and he was no where near the scrapper he was in his prime. Yes he lost a lot but i never recall him being KO ed. I realize after his about the 81-82 season he became more of a wrestler or grappler but his career " fun " rating is still right on par with Brigman,Howatt or Jonathan. Wish there was more footage of "Tiger " mid to late seventies !Reply
Nov 29, 2012 18:49 ET
You may be correct about this not being a KO. I have read in numerous places that he got battered in the bout, but a KO may not be entirely accurate. I like Tiger and enjoy watching his bouts.Reply
Mar 26, 2018 19:54 ET
Yeah, I can guarantee you , my brother and I saw this fight on TV (HNIC) Kelly really landed a beauty and popped Tiger's helmet sailing..... but Tiger turned into an octopus . Kelly couldn't get anything painful in ..just short harmless shots to the side of the head.Reply
Mar 26, 2018 21:39 ET
Thanks for the info buddy. Hope video emerges some day.Reply

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