Sep 15, 2012
Slovan - Vityaz3-0

Fight at 30:20
Duration 0:12ThrownLanded   Big   
 Martin Stajnoch 6'0'' 3196lb 39100None
 Trevor Gillies 6'3'' 3235lb 3912101
Trevor Gillies suspended for 1 game
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Sep 26, 2012 20:34 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
As Trevor Gillies came out from behind the Slovan net, he crashed into Slovan goaltender Jaroslav Janus. Martin Stajnoch skated over to Gillies, prompting Gillies to throw off his gloves and grab Stajnoch. Gillies quickly landed a right hand as Stajnoch flailed around while trying to get rid of his gloves. Stajnoch managed to get his left glove off and ducked to avoid a left from Gillies before taking two uppercuts. Gillies then threw four lefts, going under and over, connecting on two.

Stajnoch missds with a right as the linesmen attempted to stop the fight but Gillies continued to fire away. He landed two more left hands before losing grip of Stajnoch for a moment. The linesmen tried to restrain Gillies but ended up taking Stajnoch down to the ice. Gillies was able to connect with three more lefts on Stajnoch before one of the linesmen managed to grab Gillies and send him off the ice.

Decent fight. Stajnoch took exception to the run Gillies took at Janus and went right after the Vityaz enforcer. However, Gillies was an experienced heavyweight enforcer while Stajnoch had never been in a fight before this one. Stajnoch may not have even wanted to drop the gloves as it Gillies grabbed Stajnoch and began to throw punches before the latter had even dropped his stick.

Stajnoch was in a bad position and Gillies began to unload on him. After a few moments, the linesmen tried to intervene and bail Stajnoch out. Gillies refused to quit and linesmen ended up taking Stajnoch down to the ice, allowing Gillies to land a few more shots before being escorted off the ice.

Vityaz's roster for the 2012-13 was far different from previous seasons. The team was known for their tough style of hockey, often going out and signing North American enforcers. The team was often routed and lost many of their games, although their main objective was to put some hurt on their opponents and not to win the game. Some of these enforcers included Kip Brennan, Jon "Nasty" Mirasty, Chris Simon, Darcy Verot and Jeremy Yablonski. Gillies ended up being the sole enforcer, an example of how the team had changed their playing style.

Decisive win to Gillies in this fight. He pounded away on Stajnoch and the linesmen had to bail Stajnoch out.
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Dec 6, 2017 13:41 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
Heavyweight tough guy Trevor Gilles runs into Slovan goaltender Jaroslav Janus behind the net. Gillies made no attempt to avoid contact and he obviously had no problems with bumping Janus. Martin Stajnoch is standing close by and he goes right after Gillies. Gillies drops his gloves and grabs Stajnoch who eventually gets his left glove off. Gillies misses with an overhand left, before landing two uppercuts. Gillies lands another left, misses with an uppercut before landing a left hand. Gillies gets in a couple more blows as the linesmen try to get in there and they finally succeed in grabbing Gillies.

Decisive win for Gillies. Stajnoch tried to defend his goaltender but he was no match for the heavyweight. Stajnoch was getting pounded and needed to be rescue by the officials.
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Sep 15, 2012 15:40 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
Gillies is fitting right into Mirasty/Yabo's shoes for Vityaz. Beat down a severely out-matched Euro.
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Sep 15, 2012 17:34 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
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Sep 15, 2012 22:49 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
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Sep 18, 2012 11:34 ET
Trevor Gillies narrow win Fun 
Trewor Gillies first fight in KHL and first win
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Sep 22, 2012 03:08 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
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Oct 31, 2012 04:18 ET
Trevor Gillies decisive win Fun 
I guess these guys in Russia will eventually learn you need to get your gloves off before the other guy feeds you your lunch, but I guess Stajnoch hasn't seen enough lefts just yet.
Sep 15, 2012 10:39 ET
I´m waiting for a video, but R.I.P Stajnoch anyway :DReply
Sep 15, 2012 15:30 ET
Currently looking for a video, cant imagine this one turned out too well for Stajnoch.Reply
Sep 15, 2012 15:38 ET
Gillies got 19 total PIMs in this one, 2 for charging plus the instigator package. Opponent received no penalties.Reply
Sep 15, 2012 16:30 ET
Sep 15, 2012 22:48 ET

here you can see how gillies hit goalie first, props to stajnoch for stepping up for his teammate, but he was saved by refs, Gillies by total domination
Sep 16, 2012 07:45 ET
I think Gillies's penalty package is clear, but can't see the reason why Stajnoch received nothing. Although he got beated, he clearly went after Gillies, dropped his stick and glove and at least tried to fight back.Reply
Sep 16, 2012 09:56 ET
Agreed, but I suppose thats Eurohockey.Reply
Sep 16, 2012 14:47 ET
Wonder who will have the most...Gillies goals or Vityaz wins.Reply

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