Jan 21, 1967
Detroit - Toronto5-4

Summary Of Events
1  57:49  Hit  Bergman-Douglas
2  57:53  Fight  Howe-Douglas

Hit at 57:49
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Duration N/A
 Gary Bergman  (Aggressor) 6'0'' 2188lb 18N/A
 Kent Douglas  (Victim) 5'10'' 2170lb 18

Fight at 57:53
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Gordie Howe 6'0'' 2205lb 35N/AN/AN/AFair Amount
 Kent Douglas 5'10'' 2170lb 35N/AN/AN/A
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Mar 15 20:00 ET
Outcome: N/A Fun 
Kent Douglas honed his skills under coach Eddie Shore in Springfield of the American Hockey League. Shore was known for working his players hard in practice, but he also liked to discuss hockey strategies and techniques. In order to shorten actual practice time for he and his teammates, Douglas would regularly ask Shore for his opinion on a certain aspect of the game. After Shore had offered up his opinion, Douglas would sometimes engage him in a lengthy debate. Shore either never caught on or was so engaged that he didn't care.

Douglas wasn't very big and his fighting skills were unremarkable, but he certainly brought some nerve with him to the hockey rink. Here, after he is felled by a hellacious hit from Gary Bergman, Douglas grabs one of Gordie Howe's legs and tackles him. Howe was a no-fly zone - even the rumbunctious John Ferguson maintained a non-aggression pact with him - but Douglas mounts the Wings' star in piggy-back fashion.

After Howe begins to extricate himself from his predicament, Bergman arrives on the scene to grab the Leaf defenceman. Douglas's partner, Tim Horton, then gets hold of Bergman. Howe regains his footing and cocks his right arm as if to deliver a blow, but apparently thinks better of it.

The camera panned away from the skirmish, so it's pretty hard to know exactly what happened in the interim. The penalty calls don't help either - Howe receives five and Douglas two - but no punches are captured. Howe is definitely cut on the back of his neck. As for Douglas, he looks somewhat like a raccoon, with markings under both eyes. The markings, however, seem to be a bit too symmetrical, so I am wondering if Douglas might have been wearing eye black.

All in all, not a bad skirmish and a rare glimpse of Gordie Howe with his gloves off.
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Jun 19, 2016 00:48 ET
Draw Fun 
Toronto defenseman Kent Douglas is in possession of the puck and he carries it into the Detroit zone while attempting to retain control of it. Detroit's Gary Bergman is in hot pursuit, right next to Douglas, and at exactly the right moment Bergman changes direction and veers towards Douglas and levels the Toronto player with a bone-crunching, perfectly executed hit.
For a second, while he's down on the ice, Douglas seems absolutely disoriented, and he appears to try to come to terms with what has just happened to him. But he's also clearly miffed and he grabs the leg of the first enemy player that he sees. That player happens to be Gordie Howe.
Douglas pulls at Howe's leg and the Detroit forward eventually loses his balance and falls to the ice. Douglas and Howe become involved in a skirmish. They wrestle with each other on the ice and neither is able to throw, much less connect with, a punch. Then referees and other players become involved and the scuffle is broken up pretty quickly. One of the players has been cut as there is blood on Howe's white Detroit jersey. The announcers claim that Douglas is the one that's been cut.

As hockey fights go, this one certainly wasn't much to write home about. There was an intent to fight by the two but there wasn't that much they could do with both on there hands and knees down on the ice.
Gary Bergman's hit on Kent Douglas, which started the whole rhubarb, was a thing of beauty, however.
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Jul 10, 2017 20:49 ET
Outcome: N/A Fun 
Bergman drilled Douglas with a terrific body check by the boards. It appeared to be a shoulder to shoulder blow and it dumped Kent flat on his back. Howe was skating nearby and got tangled up with Douglas. Kent grabbed Gordie's foot and hauled him to the ice.

I'm not sure if this was a case of mistaken identity. Howe didn't throw the initial check. Douglas may have thought it was him. He may not have cared and just wanted to lash out at the nearest Red Wing in frustration. At any rate, Kent gave Gordie the stick behind the neck with the two on the ice.

The camera went away from the action for a second or two. Douglas was on his knees and there were two officials on the scene. Gordie had his right arm cocked. The two settled down and there was blood on the back of Howe's jersey and neck. Douglas looked like a raccoon with dark welts under both eyes.

I wont render a verdict as I didn't see any blows land. Douglas landed a cheap stick shot behind the neck. A close up revealed Howe had blood on the neck from a laceration. It was hard to tell what happened to Douglas. He had puffy bruises under both eyes. It may be possible that it was from a prior altercation on the ice. Both guys were in some pain and gingerly got off the ice.
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Mar 14 23:51 ET
Draw Fun 
Unsure of what happened but Douglas is busted up pretty badly, Howe may be bleeding as well from the back of the head after being hit by a stick, can't render a verdict since we don't see any blows land.
May 18, 2014 15:38 ET
I love how know nothing TSN, says Howe had 22 career NHL fights, when its at LEAST 29!!!Reply
Apr 28, 2017 12:58 ET
Mar 13 22:45 ET
Looks like a cheapshot to me:


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