Nov 25, 1970
Montreal - Chicago3-5

Rough at 59:47
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 John Ferguson 6'0'' 1178lb 3N/A
 Paul Shmyr 5'11'' 1175lb 3
Jul 27, 2011 09:00 ET
Paul Schmyr took a run at John Ferguson and charged him to the ice. Fergie got up and went after Shmyr but was pulled away. Ferguson tried once more to get at the Hawk defenseman by the penalty box and was assessed a misconduct penalty for his troubles.Reply
Aug 22, 2015 16:13 ET
From the Chicago Tribune, December 2, 1970:

"Then the Canadiens came here and the quality of play and the tempers on the ice and in the stands skied, keyed by the speed and rough checks that culminated with a grand fight in which Paul Shmyr of the Hawks decked Montreal's John Ferguson with a solid right. John, a hymn of hate here for years, angrily sought an instant rematch at the penalty box. Shmyr was willing, but so were 18,000 fans, and Ferguson needed a protective escort past the converging fans on his way to the locker room."
Aug 22, 2015 16:23 ET
The more documentation I see about Ferguson, I'm starting to think he was somewhat overrated. He was a dangerous puncher and there is famous footage of him opening up Eric Nesterenko in a bloodbath. Stan Fischler kind of made him out to be unbeatable. Credible accounts have Ferguson losing several fights. It may be that he declined somewhat as he aged. This is the case with a number of fighters. Still, it seems like Fischler engaged in some hyperbole with Ferguson.Reply

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