Mar 12, 1972
Pittsburgh - Boston4-4

Fight at 41:12
Duration 0:20ThrownLanded   Big   
 Bryan Watson 5'9'' 3170lb 29320N/A
 Bobby Orr 6'0'' 3199lb 29540
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Aug 26, 2012 07:57 ET
Bobby Orr narrow win Fun 
Bryan "Bugsy" Watson was one of the most energetic agitators in NHL history. He was a pretty good defenseman who could play the puck and throw his body around on the ice. He brought the excitement whenever he was on the ice. This was a guy who always played with passion and gusto.

Watson loved to get involved in skirmishes despite his small stature and the fact that he was by no means one of the better fighters in the NHL. He always racked up a lot of penalty minutes. On this occasion, he had a go with Bobby Orr. Bobby was no shrinking violet and he played each game like his last. Orr never shied away from the rough play. He was a good fighter who took care of his own business. He didn't need to be protected like some superstar players.

Orr was a master at the art of cross-checking. He famously used his stick to check Gordie Howe in the neck during one of his early games in the NHL. Bobby used the same move against Bugsy on this occasion. Watson understandably was furious and he started to push, shove, and joust with his stick against Orr. Bobby gave it right back to him and they were ready to settle matters with their fists.

Orr was quick on the draw and he landed two right hand uppercuts with moderate pop. Bugsy countered with a left hand that appeared to be a grazing connect. Orr came back with a partially connecting right hook. Then, he missed with a follow up blow. Watson landed a solid right hand. The officials broke up the fight prematurely. The men continued to throw punches around the zebras. Bobby appeared to land one more partial connect before the fight ended.

I rate this as a narrow win for Orr. Bobby landed two quick uppercuts with decent pop. He also landed a couple more partial connects. Watson landed a solid left hand and it looked like he landed another grazing blow. Orr deserves the win because he landed a couple more punches. Bugsy's pretty good left hand was not able to connect with enough force to make up for the numerical disadvantage in terms of punches landed.

Watson was able to get under the skin of opponents. He was a good defenseman who could frustrate star players. I remember an interview where Brett Hull told an audience that Bugsy used to give his father Bobby fits. The great sniper always said that Watson was one of his toughest defensive opponents.

Watson wasn't a great player, but his tenacity and willingness to give and take hits made him a guy that no one wanted to play against. Bugsy was willing to drop the gloves, even if it was likely he would take a beating against an elite fighter.

Watson was a smart hockey player. He knew how to position himself to stop a center from setting up a streaking winger. He was intelligent in that he knew how to butt-end a guy when the refs had their attention elsewhere. Bugsy was good at drawing retaliatory penalties to give his team an edge on the power play. Teams had to remember to play disciplined hockey when going up against him.

Bugsy was one of the more colorful players of the 1970's. My father remembers him as being an annoying pest, but a quality player who was tough. Watson got every ounce out his limited physical tools. He was above all a fierce competitor. Bugsy was a one-of-a-kind original.
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Dec 12, 2006 08:51 ET
Bobby Orr narrow win Fun 
Orr checks Watson into the boards with his stick high up. Orr then throws a couple of rights, including a bodypunch. Watson pins Orr against the boards and goes for a few rights as well. The linesmen comes in early in this one. Orr throws a good straight right at Watson. They finish the fight by throwing a punch at each other at the same time. (still while the linesmen are in there). Slight edge Orr here. Unfortunately the linesmen stepped in and never let them fight.

John Ferguson on Watson: "Pound for pound, he was the toughest and most hard-nosed player ever. He wasn
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Oct 5, 2005 12:27 ET
Bobby Orr narrow win Fun 
Nothing much as they struggle with each other.. linesmen come in but these two don't want the fight to end... tehy throw some punches past the linesman and Orr got Watson with a good right...
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Jan 27, 2007 21:55 ET
Bobby Orr narrow win Fun 
Orr lands a few then the linesmen jump in where as usual they throw some threw the linesmen.
Dec 23, 2013 19:18 ET
The fight.


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