Feb 17, 1979
NY Rangers - Philadelphia4-2

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Scrum    
2  N/A  Scrum    
3  13:49  Injury   3 players 
4  30:00  Rough  Hedberg-Wilson
5  48:04  Scrum   3 players 

Scrum at N/A
NY Rangers PlayersPhiladelphia Players
Duration N/A  Phil Esposito  Pat Hickey  Carol Vadnais     Rick Lapointe  Rick MacLeish  Behn Wilson   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Aug 27, 2016 14:04 ET
Pretty good scrum behind the Flyers net. Fun 

Scrum at N/A
NY Rangers PlayersPhiladelphia Players
Duration N/A  Ron Duguay  Mario Marois  Mike McEwen  Don Murdoch     Mel Bridgman  Bobby Clarke  Andre Dupont  Behn Wilson   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Aug 27, 2016 14:17 ET
Another nice scrum in Flyers zone. Fun 

Injury at 13:49
NY Rangers PlayersPhiladelphia Players
Duration N/A  Don Maloney     Bernie Parent  Jim Watson   
# Players Involved: 3
Blood: Fair Amount
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Sep 22, 2012 08:37 ET
Bernie Parent was an elite goaltender who won two Conn Smythe trophies for his postseason brilliance in leading the Flyers to back-to-back Stanley Cup victories. He was a grizzled veteran who had been in the NHL for almost fifteen years on this fateful day.

Rangers sniper Phil Esposito had the puck on a breakout. Bernie went out to challenge Espo and Phil shot the puck just wide of the net. Don Maloney was in front of the net looking to corral the rebound. Jim Watson hauled down Maloney in front of the goal earning a minor penalty. Don's stick jerked upwards as he was pulled down to the ice. The blade of the stick penetrated the eye hole of Parent's goalie mask.

Bernie was hurt badly by the errant stick. His right eye was bloody and he skated right to the bench to get medical assistance from the trainer. Wayne Stephenson had to get ready right away to replace Parent. Sadly, Bernie had significant structural damage to his eye and he would never play another NHL game. What a sad way for a Hall of Fame career to end.

Parent began his career with the Bruins. He was left unprotected in the expansion draft and picked up by the Flyers. Bernie played for a few years with Philadelphia before being traded to Toronto. Parent was tutored by goaltending legend Jacques Plante. Bernie credits Plante for teaching him some of the nuances of the game that allowed him to reach his full potential as a netminder.

Bernie left for the WHA and he played the 1972-73 season with the star-crossed Philadelphia Blazers franchise. Parent took a real liking for Philadelphia and the Flyers wanted him back. The team worked out a trade with the Maple Leafs who owned his NHL rights.

Parent reached the pinnacle of his success by leading the Flyers to the Stanley Cup in 1973-74 and 1974-75. He won back-to-back Vezina trophies for his excellent play. My father had great respect for him as the Flyers beat his beloved Bruins. He said that the stellar goaltending of Parent and Ken Dryden kept the Bruins from winning more championships in the Orr-Esposito years. Orr himself lamented the fact that the superior goalie play of Parent and Dryden kept the Big Bad Bruins from winning additional Stanley Cups.

Bernie continued to play at a high level, but the Canadiens were a great dynasty in the late 1970's. Parent was excited about the influx of talent on the Flyers squad. The team made it to the Stanley Cup finals the year after his injury. Although it was a sad way to go out, at least Bernie had a long and distinguished NHL career. He was one of the all time clutch playoff goalies in NHL history.
Aug 17, 2009 04:49 ET
In the first period Bernie Parent's Hall of Fame career came to a tragic end as an errant stick struck him in the eye. He finished with 271 wins and 55 shutouts.Reply
Aug 20, 2009 06:23 ET
If I am remembering this correctly, the errant stick may have belonged to Don Maloney, who took a swipe at the puch as Parent was trying to cover it up.Reply
Oct 22, 2009 18:44 ET

Rough at 30:00
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Duration N/A
 Anders Hedberg 5'11'' 4175lb 35N/A
 Behn Wilson 6'3'' 4210lb 35
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Nov 14, 2017 18:18 ET
The 1978/79 Philadelphia Flyers was arguably the toughest hockey team to play in the NHL during the past 50-year period. In Behn Wilson, Paul Holmgren and the underrated Dave Hoyda, they had three true heavyweights as well as a great light heavyweight in Mel Bridgman. They also had a few "disturbers" such as Andre Dupont and Bob Kelly who were more than willing to drop the gloves and who definitely added to the team's toughness.

The 1978/79 New York Rangers, meanwhile, was a finesse team from top to bottom, with the notable exception of their famous enforcer, Nick Fotiu. Many stories have been told by Ranger fans of how Fotiu kept the Flyers "honest" all by himself. In certain games, however, it could become a problem that he had no one to back him up when things got heated on the ice. Many of the more combative players who had stood up so well against the Flyer goon tactics in the mid-70's such as Brad Park, Ron Harris and Jerry Butler, had been traded away by the Rangers or retired by this time.
With the arrival of former Flyer coach Fred Shero, one would have expected that the Rangers would add some muscle to the team for the upcoming season. He did acquire a tough guy from the WHA, Frank "Seldom" Beaton, who had gained a reputation as a fearsome fighter in that league. But Beaton quickly went from "Seldom" to "Always" during his short stint with the Rangers and he was soon sent to the minors. Consequently, Fotiu again had to do all of the heavy lifting for the Rangers by himself.

Midway through the second period of this game, with the Rangers on a power play, the Flyers started playing it rough against the Rangers. Rookie defenseman Behn Wilson roughed up Ranger forward Anders Hedberg in front of the Flyer goal and speared him viciously in the back of the leg, causing Hedberg to lose his balance. Then Wilson gave him a face-wash for good measure. This was in response to a cross-check in the back that he had just received from the Ranger forward.
When play continued, Hedberg, who had lost his helmet in an earlier encounter with Wilson, was belted into the boards by Wilson behind the Flyer goal and a minor skirmish erupted behind the Flyer net. But the referees quickly restored order.
Remarkably, referee Bryan Lewis failed to call a single penalty on anyone following all of this.
The announcers then mentioned that the Flyers' Mel Bridgman was challenging the Ranger bench and he apparently had words with Nick Fotiu, who was on the New York bench.

A little later, when play had resumed, Wilson viciously drove Ranger forward Ron Duguay into the boards from behind, causing another scrum behind the Flyer net. But the Rangers seemed very unwilling to start anything with the Flyers. They seemed intimidated by the Flyers aggressive tactics.
Behn Wilson played a ton in this game, and he continued to stay on the ice. Ranger coach Fred Shero sent out a forward line of Phil Esposito, Dean Talafous and Nick Fotiu. But the Ranger enforcer Fotiu was somewhat timid in this game and didn't lay a single hit on the Flyers throughout the game, despite playing a semi-regular shift. Considering how much abuse the Rangers took in this game, he was conspicuously non-confrontational with the Flyer ruffians. He also did not go after Flyer strongman Dave Hoyda, who had administered a vicious beating to the Rangers Eddie Johnstone the previous season.
Fotiu did vindicate himself somewhat in the playoffs a few months later when he scored a win over the toughest of the Flyers, Wilson, with a punch that, it seems, was in Wilson's head for the rest of his career. That was the only time I ever saw Wilson truly rocked by a punch and as far as I know, Wilson never tried to get a re-match with the Ranger enforcer.

Fotiu once in an interview mentioned how hard it was to go into the Spectrum back then with no backup and, indeed, I have never seen him as quiet in a hockey game as in this game against the Flyers. Every other game I've watched him play in he would take huge runs at players on the opposing teams at every possible opportunity. Sometimes this would lead to a penalty, sometimes not. However, very rarely would anyone from the opposing team try to retaliate. But in this game he seemed to tread a bit more carefully. Fotiu showed that he was human, after all.
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Aug 31, 2016 07:10 ET
Pretty good pushing and shoving behind the Flyers net. Fun 
Aug 28, 2016 06:52 ET
Very, very interesting review by racersno5clackson above, and excellent commentary on Nick Fotiu- as tough as he was, apparently it was a little intimidating to face the entire line-up of Flyer enforcers by himself. I confess I have always wondered a little why he never tried to avenge poor Eddie Johnstone after he had taken that sickening three-fight beating from the villainous Hoyda. Great reading.Reply
Aug 28, 2016 17:20 ET
Thank you for the kind words, bzane. That entire game was recently uploaded to youtube. Only the last 45 seconds are missing.Reply
Aug 31, 2016 07:11 ET
Should be changed to rough. Its clearly rough.Reply
Oct 26, 2016 09:32 ET

Scrum at 48:04
NY Rangers PlayersPhiladelphia Players
Duration N/A  Anders Hedberg  Dave Maloney     Paul Holmgren   
# Players Involved: 3
Blood: N/A
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Aug 27, 2016 14:28 ET
This happened after Hedberg decked Holmgren. Paul slashed and shoved Anders, then Maloney came in and started to push and shove with Holmgren. Fun 

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