Feb 27, 2015
Tulsa - Rapid City6-5 OT

Fight at 14:05
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Brady Ramsay 5'11'' 1180lb 6N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Mathieu Brisebois 5'10'' 1174lb 6N/AN/AN/A
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Jun 29, 2017 17:55 ET
Brady Ramsay clear win Fun 
The two players drop their gloves and square off with their helmets still on. They study each other and then come together after a short while. Ramsay misses a left and partially connects with a right. Brisebois misses a right and then connects on a good right before connecting twice more with soft blows. Ramsay then connects on a very hard right at the same moment as Brisebois lands a jersey jab as a counter. Ramsay connects again on a heavy right and then he misses a right. Brisebois misses a right and Ramsay misses a right but connects with the top of Brisebois' helmet with his elbow on the follow-through. Ramsay lands a good helmet shot and then misses on an uppercut before connecting hard on the helmet again. Ramsay lands a body shot and connects upstairs again. Brisebois misses a right and Ramsay lands a partial connect before missing with a left and falling to the ice and putting an end to the tilt.

Ramsay landed the best shots for sure here. No facial punch landed, but Brisebois got one decent helmet punch in and Ramsay got a fair amount of hard helmet punches. Clear win Ramsay.
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Apr 7, 2016 09:40 ET
Brady Ramsay clear win Fun 
Ramsay is in control and lands more blows for the win.
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Sep 14 13:11 ET
Brady Ramsay clear win Fun 
Apr 7, 2016 02:41 ET
Jul 8, 2017 03:09 ET

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