Dec 16, 2015
Grand Rapids - Lake Erie3-2

Fight at 22:35
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Joel Rechlicz 6'4'' 3231lb 2N/AN/AN/AA Lot
 Oleg Yevenko 6'7'' 3229lb 2N/AN/AN/A
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Dec 22, 2015 02:31 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
Rechlicz goes after Yevenko for some reason. Rechlicz drops his gloves and grabs Yevenko from behind, Yevenko drops his gloves who is facing Rechlicz now and holds on. Rechlicz throws a few lefts which looks to land, but they're just helmet shots. Rechlicz throws a left then Yevenko answers with a left of his own. Both tied up now but Yevenko throws a left which looks to land with Rechlicz throwing another left to answer. Rechlicz throws some more wild lefts which don't look to land as Rechlicz is at a reach disadvantage. Yevenko throws a left of his own with Rechlicz throwing another left, Yevenko lands another left which knocks Rechlicz lid off. Rechlicz swings another that misses, then an overhand left. Yevenko falls down with Rechlicz throwing one more left on the way down. Narrow win to Rechlicz as he looked to be the more aggressive of the two and controlled the fight better, even though he was at a reach disadvantage and the punches that Yevenko did throw looked to land well.
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Dec 17, 2015 10:00 ET
Draw Fun 
Ahl live did misses the actual part of the fight video post. Yevenko after that landed 3-4 big punches that clearly landed. Really accurates punches. Rechlicz landed a few as well and get the takedown at the end. Yevenko look like he get cut by his own helmet at the end on the takedown. Not sure it was because of the punches.Can be a narrow win for Rechlicz but Yevenko did a really good with the better punches. Also Lake Erie coverage on Ahl really screw up with the replay since the just showed Yevenko landing one good punche and they were more interested in showing fans twitter pics and comments instead of the replay of the entire fight. They also put a fight written on the screen when the fight actually happen it was a bit strange and that didnt help with to view the fight for a few seconds.
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Dec 21, 2015 17:09 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
Rechlicz and Yevenko slug it out with left hands, with Joel landing a little better before getting the takedown. Unfortunately it appeared Yevenko struck his head on the ice, and he was bleeding profusely with a linesman calling for help. He manages to stand up and doesn't look concussed, which is good, before the clip ends. Hope he's okay.
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Dec 21, 2015 17:18 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
1147 fight reviews

Dec 22, 2015 14:09 ET
Draw Fun 
4950 fight reviews

Dec 22, 2015 19:07 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
3346 fight reviews

Dec 25, 2015 00:35 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
3240 fight reviews

Dec 28, 2015 20:28 ET
Oleg Yevenko narrow win Fun 
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Dec 31, 2015 18:27 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jan 28, 2016 13:53 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
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May 19 09:05 ET
Joel Rechlicz narrow win Fun 
Dec 16, 2015 21:10 ET
Hope Oleg did alright. This is a big test for him. Rechlicz is an old school player. Not one of these new powder puffs that Yevenko usually tunes.Reply
Dec 16, 2015 23:38 ET
There should be a rule that if you are gonna give a review you should describe it.Reply
Dec 17, 2015 02:30 ET
Fight is around the 2:22 mark.

Dec 17, 2015 03:39 ET
Too bad Rechlicz is almost never in the lineup. This was his 2nd game of the season. Griffins also have Triston Grant, who has 0 games so far.Reply
Dec 17, 2015 04:06 ET
Yeah, shame they let Brennan Evans go as well.Reply
Dec 21, 2015 05:56 ET
Dec 21, 2015 17:10 ET
Can you edit your review upon seeing the whole fight? It was much better than a 3.Reply
Dec 22, 2015 02:32 ET
Done. Cheers for the heads up.Reply

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