Sep 21, 2016
Philadelphia - NY Islanders

Summary Of Events
1  20:44  Rough  Goulbourne-Burroughs
2  31:36  Fight  Goulbourne-DiGiacinto

Rough at 20:44
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Duration N/A
 Tyrell Goulbourne 6'0'' 1200lb  N/A
 Kyle Burroughs 5'11'' 1200lb  

Fight at 31:36
Duration 0:14ThrownLanded   Big   
 Tyrell Goulbourne 6'0'' 1200lb 17431N/A
 Cristiano DiGiacinto 5'11'' 1183lb 17910
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Sep 24, 2016 09:45 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
Right off a draw Tyrell Goulbourne and Cristiano DiGiacinto drop the gloves and square off. Goulbourne misses a left and then grabs on while missing a right as DiGiacinto misses a right and then grabs on. Goulbourne misses a right, DiGiacinto misses a right that causes his helmet to fall off, and then he prods with the left a little bit. Goulbourne leans away and DiGiacinto misses three rights. Goulbourne switches hands fast and opens up with a landing left that flattens DiGiacinto. Goulbourne lets go and skates off immediately, clapping to himself on his way to the box. DiGiacinto bounces right up to his feet and goes off as well. Big TKO win for Goulbourne.
5535 fight reviews

Sep 21, 2016 20:18 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by KO Fun 
Tyrell Goulbourne and Christian DiGiacinto decide to duke it out in a rookie/prospects game between the Islanders and the Flyers. I suspect DiGiacinto knew who he was going with, probably looking to earn a reputation, but it does not pan out for him here. DiGiacinto gets absolutely smoked with a hard left hand from Goulbourne and lands flat on his back. He gets right back up but is woozy as he grabs onto the ref for support. Awesome one punch KO.

Goulbourne is a fucking legend already and he's only 22 years old. This is his 3rd knockout in the last two seasons. He one punched Anthony Camara, dropped veteran Zack Stortini in an opening face-off fight, and now he floors a tough OHL fighter in Christian DiGiacinto. Truly remarkable stuff considering the way fighting is going lately. Imagine if Goulbourne fought as much as guys used to? He'd probably have 3 KO's every season.
5812 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 04:13 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
Tyrell Goulbourne and Cristiano DiGiacinto drop the gloves and have a go, both guys come together and toss a couple shots at each other with DiGiacinto losing his helmet in the process, at this point Goulbourne unleashes a monster left hand that flattens DiGiacinto who bounced right back up but was held back by a zebra, i have watched this fight alot and initially had a KO call but i am changing it to TKO.
3238 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 08:25 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
DiGiacinto has a go with Goulbourne. Goulborne is a very dangerous fighter and had 2 KO's and 1 TKO last year in the AHL. And here, he drops DiGiacinto with a heavy left but tough kid DiGiacinto gets back up quicker than he got down. This is a TKO. In fact, DiGiacinto was able to skate back to the penalty back without looking dizzy or woozy and I don't see the KO there, even if he clearly got floored by a big blow.
6340 fight reviews

Sep 21, 2016 19:48 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by KO Fun 
The video I found is one of bad quality. But you it is clear that it was a great punch by Goulbourne. His opponent, some guy with an Italian name, got up fast, but needed help from the refs to stand on his skates. He didn't know where he was.
3585 fight reviews

Sep 21, 2016 21:35 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by KO Fun 
11658 fight reviews

Sep 21, 2016 23:33 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
Goulbourne starts with rights then switches to left catching DiGiacinto on the jaw, dropping him and ending the bout. More of a TKO to me, yes he was dropped and it ended the fight but he popped right up and looked like he could have continued or at least tried to.
10 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 02:39 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
the men square off and start to exchange some punches, and Tyrell switches hands and throws a huge left that connects and drops DiGiacinto. Cristiano gets right up, so I have no idea how anyone calls this a KO. It's a TKO.
1504 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 05:41 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
158 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 07:15 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by KO Fun 
Goulbourne drops DiGiacinto with hard left. Clear KO.
2915 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 09:34 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
10947 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 09:51 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
978 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 12:36 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
19704 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 13:23 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
2387 fight reviews

Sep 22, 2016 19:47 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
707 fight reviews

Sep 23, 2016 17:02 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
2224 fight reviews

Sep 23, 2016 20:46 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
1055 fight reviews

Sep 24, 2016 20:04 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
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Sep 24, 2016 20:56 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
Tyrell lands a good shot on the button, no need for showboating, digiacinto popped right back up, calling this a tko
25 fight reviews

Sep 30, 2016 22:29 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
digi lands 1 at first and then jabs at Tyrell and then gets flattened by one solid punch
1817 fight reviews

Oct 3, 2016 14:03 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
1437 fight reviews

Oct 11, 2016 00:36 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
420 fight reviews

Oct 24, 2016 05:10 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
3732 fight reviews

Feb 2, 2017 08:43 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
340 fight reviews

Mar 13, 2017 14:57 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
6 fight reviews

Sep 28, 2017 02:01 ET
Tyrell Goulbourne win by TKO Fun 
Two youngsters shed the mitts and it starts with Goulbourne throwing over the top rights. DiGiacinto can't get his hands loose and Goulbourne lands a quick inside left jab which drops DiGiacinto to the ice. DiGiacinto quickly popped back up.
Sep 21, 2016 20:51 ET
I like that, "some guy with an Italian name." Digiacinto plays for Windsor in the OHL. 96-birth. Plays a power forward style; 40ish points a season and more than willing to drop 'em. Tough to do much without the gloves on with the OHL fight rules. Tough as nails. Very surprised Goulbourne did this, but, going by what everyone has said so far, Goulborne is one to watch for. That doesn't take anything away from Digiacinto, though.Reply
Sep 21, 2016 21:27 ET
DiGiacinto is a fucking bulldog for today's game, especially for a guy coming out of the OHL. I don't think this takes anything away from him, but it does show how powerful Goulbourne can be at the same time. I think DiGiacinto will be just fine, and he will be a handful for just about anyone who challenges him.Reply
Feb 8, 2017 17:15 ET
The fight.


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