Mar 18, 2017
Dundee - Manchester

Summary Of Events
1  23:42  Fight  Brannon-Johnson
2  37:00  Hit  Hart-Heatley

Fight at 23:42
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Scott Brannon 6'0'' 2180lb 5N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Trevor Johnson 5'10'' 2185lb 5N/AN/AN/A
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Mar 18 16:13 ET
Scott Brannon clear win Fun 
Johnson wants nothing to do with this until the refs come in he then drops his gloves and Brianna hammers him and gets the take down. Linesmen then come in then Johnson starts throwing punches at him whilst linesmen are on top of brannon
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Mar 20 16:25 ET
Scott Brannon narrow win Fun 
Brannon hits Trevor into the boards which Trevor doesn't like so gives brannon a punch to the back of the head and straight away brannon drops the gloves and Trevor immediately turtles and doesn't want anything to do brannon. Brannon does not hit Trevor on the ground which was classy. Once the refs have ahold of brannon Trevor suddenly gets a rush of blood to the brain and wants to now fight brannon.Trevor throws a punch which looks to fall short brannon returns with one of his own and looks to connect buts he loses his footing at the same time and falls to the ice Trevor falls on top and throws a good 3/4 cheap shots which is a poor showing would expect better from Trevor especially after brannon didn't threw punches while he turtled
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Yesterday 15:11 ET
Draw Fun 
Didn't see what started this but Brannon seemed more keen than Johnson. When the scrum happened these 2 split off and Brannon throws 1 good one and then Johnson takes him down and throws multiple cheap shots when Brannon is down
Yesterday 07:21 ET
Manchester Storm - Trevor Johnson - (Roughing) (Double Minor), 4 MIN, 23:42
Manchester Storm - Trevor Johnson - (Fighting) (Major), 5 MIN, 23:42
Manchester Storm - Omar Pacha - (Abuse of Officials) (Misconduct) (), 10 MIN, 23:42
Dundee Stars - Scott Brannon - (Roughing), 2 MIN, 23:42
Dundee Stars - Scott Brannon - (Fighting) (Major), 5 MIN, 23:42
Yesterday 07:22 ET


Hit at 37:00
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Duration N/A
 Kevin Hart  (Aggressor) 6'1'' 2190lb 13N/A
 Mark Heatley  (Victim) 6'3'' 2203lb 13
363 fight reviews

Mar 18 16:43 ET
Big hip check from the stars d man Dirty 

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