Feb 17, 2006
Edmonton - Calgary

Fight at 48:44
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Chris Stachniak 6'2''  210lb 20N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Ryan McNish 6'2''  230lb 20N/AN/AN/A
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Jun 9 16:35 ET
Ryan McNish win by KO Fun 
These two agree to battle, and they quickly jump in with a couple right hands. McNish stuns Stachniak with his second punch, and then rains down three more bombs directly into the head and face of Stachniak before missing a fourth. Stachniak's knees buckle, and he hits the seat of his pants before going down flat on his back. McNish holds up from doing further damage, which was good because a lot of damage had already been done. Stachniak can't even begin to get up, as he is flat on his back, clearly concussed and having no idea where he was. To add insult to injury, as Stachniak is lying there, McNish proceeds to go through a flamboyant celebration, screaming and climbing the glass to pump up the crowd. I don't like that kind of stuff when a guy is clearly injured. It's one thing to do it after a good hard fight, but doing it when the other guy is hurt like that is poor sportsmanship in my book. Overall though, this was a crushing and convincing KO win for McNish.
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Jun 12 17:57 ET
Ryan McNish win by KO Fun 
The two begin to trade rights with a miss or two each then McNish takes over landing a series of unanswered blows dropping Stchniak on his back for a long period of time, KO win McNish.
Jun 9 16:28 ET

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