Mar 3, 2017
Medicine Hat - Regina

Fight at 50:25
Duration 0:14ThrownLanded   Big   
 Clayton Kirichenko 6'1''  195lb  220N/A
 Dawson Leedahl 6'1''  195lb  321
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Mar 6, 2017 13:48 ET
Dawson Leedahl clear win Fun 
Leedahl throws a big hit on Chad Butcher behind the Medicine Hat goal. Kirichenko faces up to Leedahl and they drop the gloves. They each throw a couple rights. Kirichenko's first punch appears to land below the shield and his second hits helmet. Leedahl's first punch is a decent connection and his second one lands big to Kirichenko's chin. A third Leedahl punch misses as they go to the ice.

Clear win for Leedahl. The second right stunned Kirichenko. They went to the ice shortly afterward. Good camera work as the replay showed the fight clearly.
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Mar 20, 2017 18:03 ET
Dawson Leedahl clear win Fun 
Leedahl connects with a couple good ones.
Mar 6, 2017 03:07 ET

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