May 6, 2017
Jonquiere - Thetford Mines4-1

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1  23:58  Fight  Malouin-Losier
2  60:00  Event    

Fight at 23:58
Duration 2:00ThrownLanded   Big   
 Danick Malouin 6'4'' 4198lb 216103None
 Christophe Losier 6'0'' 4200lb 259324
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May 8, 2017 21:42 ET
Christophe Losier clear win Fun 
I don't know if this fight clip will ever come out on youtube but I have access to a multi-angle, high definition video of the fight on a private group on Facebook. The LNAH has a reputation of being way less active to upload their scraps on Youtube come playoff time.This fight is also a very good scrap and I decide to review to give these warriors the credit they deserve because their effort is worth more than a blank fight on this site. The fight happened early in the second period in the final game the 2017 Coupe Vertdure playoffs, marking a 4-0 sweep by the Joncquiere Marquis over Thetford Mines.

Surprisingly enough, this was not your typical short and wild playoff scrap triggered by a player standing up for him or one of his teammate. The puck was frozen by ex-pro goalie Cedric Desjardins and Danick Malouin and Chris Losier got into a push and shove contest behind his net. After a short while of roughing, they decide to drop their mitts and helmets and to square off in the Marquis' zone. They study each other but don't take much time before coming together.

Losier lands a first right and misses a short left. He lands a short right and misses a left jab. Chris misses a right and a left jab. He misses two lefts and lands a short right. He lands a stiff left jab and then connects on a partial right. Malouin finally gets active but he misses a right as Losier misses a left. Losier lands a solid left and lands a body blow. Losier lands a short right to the back of Malouin's head. Losier misses a right and lands a short left. Losier lands another short left and misses a right. Losier lands a short left and misses a left hook. Losier misses a right and lands a soft jab. Malouin answers with a decent short left and lands a right. They both miss a right, and then Losier misses a left and lands a short left. Losier misses two lefts and misses a right. Malouin lands a decent uppercut and lands a forearm shiver before Losier lands a right. Malouin partially connects on a right and Losier misses a right. Losier misses a left and then lands eight straight rights, all connecting decently but not extremely hard. Losier then lands a soft right and connects on a right. Losier misses on four lefts and connects with one. Losier misses a right and Malouin lands a right. They both miss a right and Losier misses a left before connecting on a right. Losier lands a left and Malouin misses a wild uppercut before landing a massive uppercut to Losier's chin. Malouin then lands another huge right cross before Losier lands a big left of his own. Losier then connects on two other huge lefts. Losier partially connects on two punches and misses a left before Malouin lands a partial connect. Both miss a right and Malouin lands another good uppercut. They both miss on a wild swing and Losier misses a final right before the linesmen step in and break them up.

This fight was extremely good. LNAH fighters have the reputation of falling easily to the ice but this time the big boys traded bombs for two minutes exactly. They started a bit slowly, exchanging punches in a conventional way and being a bit conservative. Towards the end, the fatigue got the best of them and they let their guards down, resulting in them landing bombs to their faces. The fact that they removed their helmets with visors also heightened the percentage of the blows connecting with the head and face. This fight is almost a 10, but I feel like there is only a little thing missing in order for me to give it a 10. A 9 fits good here, but a 10 is not out of the question. Most LNAH fans will give it a lower fun rating because they really like toe-to-toe fights and they didn't go toe-to-toe here really even if they opened up a bit towards the end. A fight like this in today's NHL could certainly be worthy of a 10 and I'm sure some users would give it a 10.

I rate this as a clear win for Christophe Losier. He was way more active and landed way more punches. The amount of big punches was equal so a narrow win for Losier is not out of the question but the punch count is too much in Losier's favour.
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May 8, 2017 21:47 ET
Christophe Losier clear win Fun 
Talk about saving the best for last, Malouin and Losier start the battle in the corner with both guys just grabbing on as it looked like this fight was going to go nowhere Losier gets it rolling with some punches with Malouin not doing much as the fighters make their way to the front of the net and eventually to the other corner, Losier lands around 8 or 9 shots with Malouin tossing his own punches here and there, again Losier hits his opponent a few more times and that is when Malouin tags him with a nice uppercut and right cross with Losier responding with some more shots, both guys exchange a couple more punches but they were just gassed at this point and had nothing left.

I give this a clear win to Losier as he controlled the fight and landed several good shots, Malouin had his moments with that great uppercut and right cross but this was Losier's fight all the way, i gave this a 10 simply because you just don't see fights this long anymore even in the LNAH, props to both guys for putting on a show.
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May 10, 2017 03:20 ET
Christophe Losier narrow win Fun 
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May 11, 2017 09:57 ET
Christophe Losier clear win Fun 
Good fight but certainly no where near a 10 or a 9 even, this is a very long bout and it takes awhile to get going but once it does it's almost all Losier through the early stages, Malouin lands a big uppercut and starts to fight back but Losier again takes over the mid stage, they both open up late and then it gets good for a short while with both landing some effective blows, Losier landed several more blows and controlled more of the fight, clear win Losier.
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May 11, 2017 20:17 ET
Christophe Losier narrow win Fun 
Good fight, but we're a long way from the the wars between the reals heavyweights years ago. No ko power in thoses 2.
May 6, 2017 23:54 ET
That fight was a masterpiece. I just saw a clip of the fight were the beginning was missing and it went on for just over two minutes. It may be one of the longest bouts of all-time. They had their buckets off and they traded bombs even though there were some moments of inaction.

One of the fights of the year in the LNAH for sure, and it happened in the very last game of the playoffs.
May 8, 2017 21:49 ET
I just watched the whole fight from start to finish, over 2minutes easily. Some real good shots landing, hats off to both guys.Reply
May 8, 2017 21:56 ET
Yes. I watched the fight at first without concentrating much on it but then after a minute I noticed the fight was still going on so I watched it again and I was ecstatic.

Damn, what a war. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because for 10's I expect to see a little more of heads snapping back, but I might actually upgrade it to a 10.
May 8, 2017 21:57 ET (later updated)
It wasn;t a toe to toe slobber knocker by any means but considering this years fights in the LNAH this certainly was the best one.Reply
May 9, 2017 17:00 ET
May 10, 2017 03:19 ET

Event at 60:00
Jonquiere PlayersThetford Mines Players
Duration N/A  Jean-Simon Allard  Jean-Sebastien Berube  Jean-Michel Bolduc  Hugo Carpentier  Stefan Chaput  Cedrick Desjardins  Raphael Girard  Benoit Gratton  Samuel Groulx  Christopher Guay  Juraj Kolnik  Danick Malouin  Jeremie Malouin  Christian Ouellet  Jonathan Paiement  Yann Poirier  Hubert Poulin  Alexandre Quesnel  Vincent Richer  Luis Tremblay  Simon Tremblay  Francis Trudel      
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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May 7, 2017 02:52 ET
LNAH Champions 2017 - Jonquiere Marquis! Fun 
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May 19, 2017 11:17 ET
May 18, 2017 04:19 ET

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