Nov 3, 2017
New Jersey - Edmonton3-6 

Summary Of Events
1  26:19  Fight  Prout-Lucic
2  42:58  Hit  Wood-Nurse

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Fight at 26:19
Duration 0:58ThrownLanded   Big   
 Dalton Prout 6'3'' 1222lb 141030None
 Milan Lucic 6'4'' 1236lb 141661
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Nov 14, 2017 18:04 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
Milan Lucic and Dalton Prout get into their 4th fight between each other on November 3 2017. This fight is Lucic's second of the season while it's Prout's first of the season. This is also their first fight against each other when they're on different teams now, Lucic is now with the Oilers while Prout is with the Devils. Milan Lucic and Dalton Prout have a big rivalry that dates back to when Lucic was with the Bruins and when Prout with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In their first fight on November 30 2013, when Lucic was a member of the Bruins and Prout was with the Blue Jackets, Prout seemed to have gotten a slight edge in that bout. It was a pretty even fight, they both threw and landed practically the same amount of punches, although Prout's punches landed with more pop than Lucic, therefore earning him the slight edge.

Their second encounter was on November 21 2014, both of them still with their first teams this one wasn't a real fight, seeing as they didn't even get fighting majors, but it's a big event in their rivalry. Lucic and Prout were roughing each other, and Prout dropped his gloves and grabbed Lucic. Prout waited for Lucic to drop his, Lucic was hesitant and dropped his left glove just as Prout threw a big right that landed right on Lucic's mouth and dropped him to the ice. The refs got between them as Lucic got up fired a punch at him and threw a glove at Prout. They were jawing at each other as they were escorted off the ice and to the locker room. Easily a one-punch TKO win for Prout. Many say this fight is unfair seeing as Lucic didn't drop his gloves. However, even though Lucic is my favorite player I think that this was a fair fight seeing as Lucic was the one who started it in the first place. Now I don't know why Lucic didn't drop his gloves back, possibly trying to draw a penalty? But it was a cowardly move by him, he wanted to get under Prout's skin and in return he got fed. This event is a big one seeing as it sparked the rivalry between these two combatants who would go on to fight each other twice more after this incident. Lucic later commented that Prout was gutless and that he sucker punched him. Lucic also said he would be looking forward to when they play against each other again.

Later on in that same season, the Bruins played their second game against the Blue Jackets on December 27 2014. Everyone knew that Lucic and Prout were destined to go that game since Prouts big punch on Lucic a month prior. Early in this game, these two roughed it up, but got separated by the refs before they can fight. However they get their chance and they both dropped the mitts. Lucic went straight at Prout and they both dropped the gloves. Lucic rained down over 20 punches on Prout and landed almost half of them, Prout threw about 10 and barely landed. Lucic clearly got the win in their most entertaining fight together. Later on in a interview, Prout said that Lucic jumped him in that fight. Lucic didn't really jump him, but he did rush him, although Prout was ready he was caught off guard by how aggressive Lucic was. This fight was a very entertaining one and it was great on Lucic to redeem himself like this seeing as he was clearly motivated for this one because of how Prout embarrassed him.

Fast forward to 2017. Where they both now play for different teams, Lucic with the Oilers and Prout is with the Devils. After the faceoff, Prout finds Lucic and challenges him. Lucic obliges and they shed the mitts, this time squaring off. As Lucic came to grab Prout, Prout threw a right hand that missed and caused Lucic to back off. They resume squaring off and this time they grab on and get close. Prout throws three rights and lands one to the body, while Lucic in return gets some space and throws three right himself and lands two to the body. Lucic misses two more follow up rights as Prout gets some space himself. Prout throws two rights and lands the first one, as Lucic lands a right himself. They pause briefly as Prout jersey jabs with the left and then lands a right, as Lucic counters back and lands a good right, and then follows that up with another well landed right. Prout is struggling to get free and Lucic throws five rights and lands two, while Prout counters with a landed right, and Lucic misses with a countering right hand and then Prout mises with another right as they pause once again both dead tired as the linesman wade in and end the fight.

This was a pretty entertaining scrap overall and it's good to see that these two still have it in for each other after their history together. I rate this fight as a solid 7.

Lucic is a veteran Power Forward and many say that he's taking up after Cam Neely. However I think that Lucic takes up more after Eric Lindros. They both have size, they both are good at playing the game and they both drop the gloves when needed. They both don't fight too often but they both can put a pasting on anyone when they need to.

Dalton Prout in the other hand is a good stay at home defenceman who can throw em when the time be. I believe that Prout plays similarly to John Erskine. They're both good stay at home defenceman, they always defend there teammates, and they don't fight to often even though they're heavyweight fighter, but when they do you better watch out.

This scrap was really entertaining and I believe that Lucic gets another clear win, seeing as he threw some good quality punches and landed the majority of them, Prout threw nearly the same amount but didn't land as many as Lucic did. This was a great scrap, and a great way to renew their rivalry. I'm sure I speak for everyone else, when I say that I'm excited to see what else these two have in store for each other when they play against each other next time.
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Nov 6, 2017 18:27 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
Dalton Prout is looking to spark his team after the Edmonton Oilers take the lead and finds Milan Lucic after the faceoff. Prout gets Lucic's attention and Lucic turns, dropping the gloves without hesitation as Prout drops the gloves too. Prout misses a right when Lucic wades in during the square off, then Prout misses another right when they come together. They get in close and Lucic just gets himself as Prout throws three rights, landing one to the body but Lucic throws three rights in return, landing two with one to the body as well. Prout tries to get his hand freed up as they get some space from each other and Lucic misses two rights. Prout lands a right but then misses a right after Lucic misses a right following a pause. Lucic throws two rights and lands one, Prout misses a right, and then Lucic misses a right. They pause and Prout prods with the left slightly before landing a right. Lucic lands a decent right, then follows it up with another landing a right as Prout can't get his hand free. Lucic throws four rights and lands one more decently before Prout lands a right and prods back at Lucic as he misses a right. Prout misses a right and they pause afterwards. Both are tired though and they let the fight end there. Pretty good, long, fight from two of the toughest guys in the league. Give the win to Lucic here. Prout stood right in there and traded them the whole way but he didn't land as many or as well as Lucic.
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Nov 3, 2017 22:16 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
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Nov 3, 2017 22:20 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
Great fight by 2 tough dudes. Lucic hit him harder and more to take a clear win.
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Nov 3, 2017 22:57 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 00:36 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 00:48 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 01:05 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 03:26 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 06:06 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 06:41 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 07:46 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
46 fight reviews

Nov 4, 2017 07:48 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
Good fight here.Both landed big bombs but got to give Lucic the edge for landing the more explosive punches
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Nov 4, 2017 08:11 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 08:56 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 09:49 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 10:10 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
Pretty good fight here between these two - long and with decent action. After a prolonged square-off, they locked up for a few seconds of wrestling. They then both started throwing punches, with both guys getting some in during the exchange. Give the edge in this one to Lucic, who seemed to land better shots overall.
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Nov 4, 2017 11:28 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 13:51 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 15:22 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 4, 2017 16:27 ET
Milan Lucic clear win Fun 
752 fight reviews

Nov 5, 2017 04:47 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
264 fight reviews

Nov 7, 2017 00:13 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
5263 fight reviews

Nov 11, 2017 03:18 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 11, 2017 06:26 ET
Milan Lucic narrow win Fun 
Prout asks and Lucic answers. Even early on before Lucic steps it up towards the end
Nov 3, 2017 22:20 ET
Bombs landed!!!!!!!!Reply
Nov 4, 2017 00:41 ET
This is probably one of the last heavyweight fights we'll ever see in the NHL. Nevertheless it was nice to see Prout and Lucic renew their rivalry once again. Good to see the animosity is still there.Reply
Nov 4, 2017 03:51 ET
I was just saying that this fight is as close as we can get heavyweight battle in todays NHL. These two held their own also in the era of superheavyweights.Reply
Nov 4, 2017 11:38 ET
Quote from message by Animal
I was just saying that this fight is as close as we can get heavyweight battle in todays NHL. These two held their own also in the era of superheavyweights.
It's sad that just a few years ago, these guys wouldn't have been considered top heavyweights. Now they are two of the last heavyweights that we have.
Nov 4, 2017 11:46 ET
I agree. The season that I consider the last of the superheavyweight era is 2014-2015 and back then these two would have been quite near top10 but nothing more.Reply
Nov 4, 2017 11:50 ET
Actually in 2014-2015 the slide had already started. Season 2013-2014 was the last.Reply
Apr 1, 2018 23:15 ET

Hit at 42:58
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 Miles Wood  (Victim) 6'2'' 3195lb 10N/A
 Darnell Nurse  (Aggressor) 6'5'' 3205lb 10
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Nov 4, 2017 15:02 ET
boarding hit behind the Oilers net, Nurse sended Wood into the boards. Dirty 

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