Dec 5, 2017
St. Louis - Montreal4-3 

Summary Of Events
1  10:10  Hit  Bortuzzo-Plekanec
2  51:21  Scrum    

Hit at 10:10
Added By Samuelsson
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Duration N/A
 Robert Bortuzzo  (Aggressor) 6'4'' 6212lb 14N/A
 Tomas Plekanec  (Victim) 5'10'' 6198lb 14
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Dec 7, 2017 07:17 ET
Bortuzzo drops Plekanec with a good check into the board. The some pushing and shoving started near the boards. Dirty 

Scrum at 51:21
St. Louis PlayersMontreal Players
Duration N/A  Kyle Brodziak  Scottie Upshall     Phillip Danault  Andrew Shaw   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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17807 fight reviews

Dec 7, 2017 07:48 ET
The little scrum at the center of ice. Fun 

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