Jan 10, 2018
Grand Rapids - Manitoba5-1

Fight at 9:40
Duration 0:32ThrownLanded   Big   
 Dominik Shine 5'10'' 7180lb 56211A Bit
 Buddy Robinson 6'5'' 7236lb 561050
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Jan 13, 2018 04:17 ET
Draw Fun 
Shine mixes it up with Robinson to the right of the Grand Rapids goal. Shine drops his gloves first and Robinson follows. The first right from Shine appears to miss from the long range view. After a Robinson miss, Shine maneuvers Robinson to the endboards and lands a solid right to the chin of Robinson. They're in at close quarters and Robinson misses another attempt and then tosses three more at close range, connecting to the face/shield of Shine. They pull away from the boards and Robinson throws four hard rights to the body. There's some more grappling and Robinson lands a short range punch to the helmet before they're separated. Robinson has a small cut on his chin visible as he skates off the ice.

Draw. Robinson was more active in this fight and landed more punches and Shine connected with the best punch of the scrap. It's hard to pick a winner here as it's quantity versus quality. It seemed close enough to call a draw.
2378 fight reviews

Jan 14, 2018 04:16 ET
Draw Fun 
Jan 12, 2018 23:26 ET

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