Oct 7, 2017
Kelowna - Prince George

Fight at 33:24
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Ted Brennan 6'1''  202lb 11N/AN/AN/AA Lot
 Chance Adrian 6'1''  191lb 11N/AN/AN/A
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Oct 11 16:30 ET
Chance Adrian clear win Fun 
The centreicemen for each team get tangled up after the neutral zone faceoff. Adrian gives aBrennan a crosscheck to try to get separated. Brennan taks exception to the crosscheck and give Adrian a hook and engages him. The players decide to drop the gloves, though Adrian's left glove stays on. It was a fairly even fight early on, with the players exchanging right hands. Adrian scores a couple of jersey jabs with his gloved left hand, which keeps Brennan on his heels. As the fight goes on, Adrian manages to get Brennan's helmet off and hits him with 2-3 solid right hands at the end, causing Brennan to fall to the ice. More of a slip than a TKO, but especially after watching the replay, this is a clear win for Adrian in my view.
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Oct 12 01:08 ET
Chance Adrian decisive win Fun 
Adrian landed a bomb on Brennan late in the fight, and I'm pretty sure it broke his nose. It was a huge haymaker, and there was a ton of blood on the ice after the fight.
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Oct 12 11:26 ET
Chance Adrian clear win Fun 
Oct 11 12:18 ET

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