Dec 1, 2017
Swift Current - Moose Jaw

Fight at 15:31
Duration 0:17ThrownLanded   Big   
 Kole Gable 5'10'' 3175lb 12430N/A
 Matthew Benson 6'1'' 3187lb 12430
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Dec 7, 2017 04:40 ET
Kole Gable narrow win Fun 
Benson and Gable both throw rights in a scrap near the sideboards. Benson hits helmet with his punches while Gable appears to connect to the face with at least a couple of his blows. Benson goes for the takedown and they hit the ice side by side before the officials break them up.

Narrow win for Gable for landing the better quality punches.
Dec 4, 2017 12:06 ET

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