Feb 6, 2018
Regina - Brandon

Fight at 39:57
Duration 0:20ThrownLanded   Big   
 Robbie Holmes 6'2'' 3190lb 30331N/A
 Ben McCartney 5'11'' 3160lb 30400
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Feb 22, 2018 03:45 ET
Robbie Holmes clear win Fun 
McCartney throws a big hit in the corner and Holmes moves in to stand up for his teammate. They latch on and McCartney tries a couple of rights that don't come close to landing. Holmes tosses a right that appears to catch McCartney below the shield. Holmes lands an uppercut to the body and they both throw simultaneously. McCartney is short with another right while Holmes connects with a solid shot to the face. McCartney misses another right and grabs onto Holmes and pulls him down on top of him.

Clear win for Holmes. This was a relatively short fight but Holmes got the better of it. The third punch by Holmes appeared to have stung McCartney and by pulling Holmes down on top of himself, McCartney was able to shorten the scrap.
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Feb 13, 2018 17:50 ET
Robbie Holmes narrow win Fun 
Meme si mcCartney a perdu l'equililbre je donne la victoire a Holmes car il le seul a avoir reussi deux gros coups
Feb 13, 2018 14:32 ET

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