Sep 22, 2018
NY Rangers - NY Islanders

Summary Of Events
1  9:26  Fight  McLeod-Mayfield
2  34:11  Scrum    

Fight at 9:26
Duration 0:23ThrownLanded   Big   
 Cody McLeod 6'2'' 2210lb 81140None
 Scott Mayfield 6'4'' 2218lb 8400
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Sep 26 17:08 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
Right off a draw Scott Mayfield and Cody McLeod find each other and shed the mitts. They grab on in close and McLeod throws two rights, landing one lightly to the face. Mayfield tries to get his arm freed up and gain some space from McLeod before missing a right. McLeod throws four rights, landing one that clips Mayfield in the face again. Mayfield misses a right and they start spinning around. McLeod misses a right and then they miss a right at the same time. McLeod lands two rights off the helmet as Mayfield turns his head away. Mayfield then misses a right and loses his balance as his grip is also lost. McLeod misses a right but then lets up on the fallen Mayfield. Not a good fight here. Give the nod to the veteran McLeod as he was the sharper and more accurate of the two.
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Jan 3 00:13 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
Mayfield and McLeod come together and drop their gloves a few seconds after a face-off. They wait a little bit and McLeod misses a right before they wait some more. Cody then lands a short uppercut and misses a right before Mayfield misses a right. McLeod counters and grazes Mayfield's face with a right. McLeod lands a short right and misses with a second one. McLeod lands a weak body shot and Mayfield misses with a right before McLeod misses a right cross. Mayfield seems to land a good right but McLeod comes back right away and lands a good helmet shot. McLeod misses another quick right and Mayfield connects on an alright shot. Mayfield falls to his knees as McLeod misses a big right and the linesmen step in to break up the fight as Cody had his right arm cocked. Fight is over.

This tilt is hard to rate because it is difficult to tell whether or not Mayfield landed one of his hard rights. Anyhow, McLeod did land a few more blows here and gets the narrow edge. A draw could however be debatable.
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Sep 22 19:25 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 22 21:14 ET
Cody McLeod clear win Fun 
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Sep 22 21:18 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 22 21:33 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 23 04:01 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 23 07:02 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 23 14:34 ET
Cody McLeod clear win Fun 
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Sep 23 16:54 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 23 16:57 ET
Cody McLeod narrow win Fun 
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Sep 24 15:55 ET
Cody McLeod clear win Fun 
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Nov 8 18:02 ET
Cody McLeod clear win Fun 
Sep 22 20:55 ET
You can always count on Commander Cody to drop the mitts.Reply
Sep 22 21:10 ET

Scrum at 34:11
NY Rangers PlayersNY Islanders Players
Duration N/A  Brandon Crawley  Peter Holland  Cody McLeod     Casey Cizikas  Cal Clutterbuck  Matt Martin   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Jan 20 10:05 ET
Holland plays the puck forward near the Ranger blue line while Clutterbuck closes in on him for a hit. Holland sees Clutterbuck last second and tries to get out of the way. Clutterbuck looks to leave his feet and knocks down Holland as he flys to the ice right in front of McLeod. McLeod goes right after Clutterbuck getting on top of him and his gloves in Clutterbuck's face as Martin rushes in. Martin grabs onto McLeod pulling him off of Clutterbuck while Holland has him partially tied up. Crawley and Cizikas end up paired off with Cizikas quickly losing his lid. One hero linesman rushes in to try and break them up and Cizikas attempts a body shot. Crawley grabs at the back of Cizikas helmet but the ref manages to keep them apart and they cool off. McLeod & Martin are paired off with a linesman between as they have some words for each other. Holland gives Clutterbuck a few shoves and Clutterbuck starts mouthing off to Holland who gives him another shove and Clutterbuck backs off. Fun 
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Sep 23 11:30 ET
Good scrum in front of the NYI bench after Clutterbuck run into Holland. Crawley and Cizikas dropped their gloves and tried to fight but referee stopped them. However they managed to throw some punches over refs. Fun 

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