Oct 19, 2018
Guelph - Kitchener

Summary Of Events
1  50:34  Fight  Woolley-Vukojevic
2  59:50  Scrum   6 players 

Fight at 50:34
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Mark Woolley 6'2'' 1202lb 10N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Mike Vukojevic 6'3'' 1212lb 10N/AN/AN/A
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Nov 13 22:59 ET
Draw Fun 
Vuk comes in to the aid of Meireles, who hit Woolley, but didn't really want any when Woolley went back at him. Brief square off then, they come together and Vuk throws a right. Wooley comes back with three rights, but looks like on the slow motion later in the clip that none land. Somehow Vuk goes to the ice off balance with Wooley on top. The barrage of punches may have put Vuk off balance, but since I didn't see one land, I can't award a win here. Rough game...glad I got one scrap out of it, even if it didn't amount to much...
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Jan 7 02:46 ET
Draw Fun 
neither guy could muster anything significiant, draw
Oct 21 11:23 ET

Scrum at 59:50
Guelph PlayersKitchener Players
Duration N/A  Zachary Poirier  Mason Primeau  Nate Schnarr     Justin MacPherson  Greg Meireles  Mike Vukojevic   
# Players Involved: 6
Blood: N/A
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