Jan 11, 2019
Owen Sound - Erie

Fight at 42:32
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Daylon Groulx 5'11'' 1175lb 12N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Petr Cajka 6'0'' 1163lb 12N/AN/AN/A
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Jan 23 15:19 ET
Daylon Groulx clear win Fun 
Groulx hits Cajka from behind in open ice, and Cajka doesn't like it and gets up and chases down Groulx, who drops his gloves and starts throwing at Cajka immediately. Cajka drops his a half second or so behind Groulx and tries to defend himself. Looked like he threw one to start, but this was pretty much all Groulx...who was landing in tight right uppercuts, and a few over the top, while Cajka mostly tried to hang on. Towards the end Groulx gets his head stuck under Cajkas arm as he holds tight, and they tumble hard to the ice. Looked like Groulx almost took a DDT, but seemed okay. Easy win Groulx. Respect to Cajka for sticking up for himself. Next time he'll know now...if you're gonna chase the guy down, be ready to start throwing!
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Feb 18 16:09 ET
Daylon Groulx clear win Fun 
Jan 12 14:35 ET

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