Nov 3, 2018
Minnesota - St. Louis5-1 

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Fight at 18:59
Duration 0:10ThrownLanded   Big   
 Marcus Foligno 6'3''  226lb 5220N/A
 Pat Maroon 6'3''  231lb 5000
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Nov 10 20:20 ET
Marcus Foligno narrow win Fun 
Foligno and Maroon appear to have words in the St. Louis zone. Maroon brings his arms up around Foligno's head like he's ready to fight. Foligno lands a right to the face and Maroon leans away and takes another punch to the back of the head that displaces his helmet a bit. At this point, Foligno pauses and Maroon drops his gloves. Both linesmen are in the vicinity and one of them is intent on preventing any further action. He steps between the combatants, ending the fight prematurely.

Narrow win for Foligno. He threw and landed the only punches. Maroon shed the mitts eventually but didn't seem too eager to fight and his hesitation allowed the zebras to move in. Roughing minors were assessed to each player.
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Jan 11 15:04 ET
Marcus Foligno narrow win Fun 
Foligno invites Maroon to dance in front of the Blues' goal and they seem to both agree to fight. However, Maroon does a fake glove drop and hugs Foligno by his neck. Foligno lands two rights to the helmet of Maroon and then realises Maroon hadn't dropped his gloves. He stops throwing and Maroon drops his gloves. However, Maroon looks stunned and the linesmen break up the fight before he can get going. He looked at the end of a shift.

I rate this fight as a narrow win for Foligno. He landed two good shots and Maroon wanted no part of it at first. However, it was deserved because he did a fake glove drop. Not a very good tilt.
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Nov 3 20:59 ET
Marcus Foligno narrow win Fun 
Technically a fight because Foligno dropped his gloves and landed a punch, but he surprised Maroon, who had not yet dropped them and was stunned by the initial punch. Thus the fight was broken up right away.
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Nov 3 21:57 ET
Draw Fun 
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Nov 4 16:39 ET
Marcus Foligno narrow win Fun 
Foligno throws a couple landing one good one while Maroon is late to get his gloves off. Maroon ends up with a nice welt on the cheek as a result. Zebras should have let em go.
Nov 3 22:25 ET
Yet another fight filled night in the NHLReply
Nov 3 23:14 ET
The fight rate is going to drop below .20 very soon. This blowsReply

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