Sep 21, 2005
Nashville - St. Louis4-3

 Fight at 22:30
Duration 0:52ThrownLanded   Big   
 Darcy Hordichuk 6'1'' 3215lb 15N/AN/AN/ANone
 Reed Low 6'4'' 3230lb 15N/AN/AN/A
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Sep 20, 2008 13:52 ET
Reed Low clear win Fun 
These 2 hockey players engage right off the faceoff in the Blues offensive zone. Darcy sneaks in 2 right jabs as they connect. Low begins to jerk Darcy back and forth as he tries to create some space in between themselves. Low throws 4 consecutive rights as he connects with a right punch and a uppercut. Darcy is rendered ineffective during this time as he tries to counter with some ineffective rights of his own.

They continue to grapple and Low missed with a right punch. Both players spin a 180, as Darcy forces Low up against the glass. Both players continue to rotate as Darcy throws 4 more ineffective punches. As the fight moves away from the boards, they now have each other locked out-with their right arms cocked.

Darcy throws a right-hits target, but nothing solid. As Low counters with a right-hitting all helmet, Darcy throws a left jersey jab that sends Lows head backwards. They continue to hold each other at arms length as slowly spin. Darcy misses with a right, and Low comes over the top of Hordi's left jersey grip and connects with 2 left punches. Hordi pushes Low up against the glass as they now going toe to toe. Low is feeding Hordi a steady diet of lefts and Hordi's rights are sporadic as far as hitting their target. The fight moves away from the boards as Hordi's lid comes off. Low continues with the lefts as Hordi is just hanging on. Although Lows punches don't have a lot of steam behind them, some of them are finding their way to be effective.

They are now in tight as both players briefly talk, and mutually agree they both had enough, and the refs come in.

Pretty entertaining tilt. Low wins this fight clearly-winning with a narrow edge, but only dominating toward the very end.
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Oct 13, 2017 20:22 ET
Reed Low clear win Fun 
Darcy Hordichuk and Reed Low drop the gloves a couple minutes into the second period of this preseason game and right after they grab on, Hordichuk starts throwing. Hordichuk lands one of four rights before Low gets some separation and pulls Hordichuk off balance. Low lands a right, Hordichuk misses a right, Low lands another right, and Hordichuk misses another right while they spin around. Low misses a right as Hordichuk switches hands and then Hordichuk lands a left while Low lands a right. They pause for a moment before Low lands a right again as Hordichuk switches hands. Hordichuk misses two rights and gets Low against the boards after Low lands a right. Low maneuvers himself away from the boards while Hordichuk throws five rights, landing two as they maintain some separation from each other. Low misses a right and tries to knock off Hordichuk's helmet with the left as Hordichuk misses a right. Low gets some spinning going again after another pause and then switches hands while Hordichuk misses a right. Low throws five lefts and lands three as he backs against the boards with Hordichuk getting in closer and changing his hold. Low lands one of two lefts but then keeps his left going as Hordichuk gets the right pumping, both of them going toe-to-toe. Hordichuk throws nine rights and lands five as Low throws thirteen lefts and lands five while also knocking off Hordichuk's helmet. Hordichuk winds up just putting his head down and attempts to stay in close while Low throws seven more lefts and lands three before switching hands and throwing three rights with one landing. Hordichuk just wraps an arm around Low to get in closer still and Low misses one last right before the officials get in to break it up. A great fight and a definite win for Low, he outlasted Hordichuk late and really took over once they got going toe-to-toe. Hordichuk was hanging in there but he didn't get in nearly as many punches as Low did.
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Oct 14, 2017 11:54 ET
Reed Low narrow win Fun 
Hordichuk and Low had a good action fight. This was no surprise as both liked to go toe-to-toe and could throw volume punches. Darcy landed a body punch and a solid shot. He missed a right. Reed landed an average blow, missed a punch, and landed an average shot. Hordichuk landed an average blow and missed a few shots. He landed a solid punch and missed a few blows. He landed a partial connect and an average shot.

Darcy built up a lead in the early going, but Low was very patient and waited for the right opportunity to unload. Reed landed a partial connect. Hordichuk landed an average blow and missed a punch. Low circled to the right and landed a partial connect. Darcy missed a shot. Reed landed a solid left and a good shot. He missed a few punches.

The tide started to turn after Low unloaded and landed a couple of power punches. Hordichuk went toe-to-toe, but he was getting the worst of the exchange. He missed a punch and landed two decent blows. He landed a solid right. Low missed a punch and landed a solid blow. He missed a shot and landed a solid blow. He missed a punch. Darcy missed two blows and landed a solid shot. Reed landed an average punch and two body blows. He landed a partial connect and the refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a narrow win for Low. Hordichuk had the edge over the first half of the contest. Reed got the better of the action down the stretch. However, Darcy was still landing an occasional effective punch in the toe-to-toe exchange. Low landed several powerful shots, but it seemed like a few of the blows landed on the upper back and torso. Still, it seems like Low's late rally was enough to put him over the top in an excellent action fight.
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Oct 11, 2017 11:33 ET
Reed Low clear win Fun 
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Oct 11, 2017 12:07 ET
Reed Low clear win Fun 
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Oct 12, 2017 11:23 ET
Reed Low clear win Fun 
Sep 25, 2005 20:51 ET
I've heard this is a possible fight of the year. Anyone know of any footage???Reply
Jan 26, 2006 19:38 ET
ya we need some footage. We can't just go by that one rating.Reply
Jan 26, 2006 21:37 ET
There was a clip floating around at FC that someone bootlegged, but I never got a hold of it.Reply
Jun 21, 2014 10:52 ET
"These 2 hockey players"?? NO WAY :OReply
Oct 11, 2017 11:47 ET

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