Nov 25, 2005
Ottawa - NY Islanders6-2 

Fight at 2:57
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 Brian McGrattan 6'4''  235lb 82291None
 Eric Godard 6'4''  227lb 824101
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Aug 29, 2011 10:54 ET
Draw Fun 
Brian McGrattan vs. Eric Godard (Rd lll) / Nov 25, 2005

These two get things going off a centre ice face off and waste no time in letting the hands fly as both guys grab on simultaneously. Godard grabbed McGrattan's jersey around the shoulder, making it difficult for him the extend his arm. McGrattan fell short with a right and Godard connected with a short right to the ear, Godard then slipped a right from McGrattan but fell short as he tried to follow up. McGrattan came back with a right that might have brushed the helmet of Godard.

Godard responded with an uppercut that didn't land and McGrattan threw a right cross that looked to skim the helmet of Godard once more. McGrattan then scored with a couple of jersey jabs before missing with a straight right. Godard came back with right that McGrattan blocked with his elbow and managed to hold off a following right from McGrattan using his jersey sleeve. Godard then threw a straight right that looked to land but McGrattan came back with a right of his own that also landed but slightly better.

Both guys then threw and missed with a couple more rights as they spun around and Godard was able to get in a nice jab before McGrattan missed with the right. Godard then looked to connect with a good right just below the ear of McGrattan and McGrattan looked like he might of clipped Godard on the nose as he fired back. McGrattan was then able to block a right from Godard and land a good right of his own to the side of Godard's helmet.

McGrattan then found some range but missed with a straight right. Godard then fell off the mark with a right and McGrattan missed with another right himself. Godard then landed a couple good jabs on McGrattan before following up with a right hand that grazed the side of McGrattan's head as he ducked away. Godard then followed up with a couple more face washes while McGrattan missed with the right.

Godard then fell short with a right of his own that McGrattan ducked, McGrattan then came back with a good right to the side of Godard's head. Godard then started working the jab once more, landing two and pausing before landing a third. McGrattan tried to throw a right back but Godard gripped McGrattan's jersey just under his chin, making it difficult for him to reach Godard.

Godard landed another jab, and McGrattan opened up with a right that missed high. Godard missed with a wild one and McGrattan came back with a hard one to the top of Godard's helmet; causing him to stumble. Both guys then decided to call it a day respectfully and the linos split them up.

This was a fast paced fight but a frustrating one to watch in some respects as there were a lot of punches thrown but not a lot landing. Godard worked the jab well and landed more, however McGrattan landed some good ones including a hard one at the end to keep this fight even.

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Jul 27, 2010 10:50 ET
Draw Fun 
Second fight of the season for Brian McGrattan and Eric Godard and they go right by centre ice, squaring off before grabbing on with the left. They trade back and forth with rights, McGrattan tossing four and landing one and Godard chucking three and landing one. McGrattan misses a jersey jab and they resume trading rights back and forth, McGrattan chucking three and landing two and Godard tossing two and not landing. McGrattan's helmet comes off and they pause. Godard misses a right and then McGrattan misses a right with Godard missing another right afterwards. Godard then misses a right as McGrattan lands a jersey jab and then McGrattan throws two rights, connecting with one. They exchange briefly to and fro again, both landing one of two rights they throw. Then Godard leans away from McGrattan who connects on a right and Godard moves back in closer to McGrattan. After a pause they again exchange to and fro, Godard throwing three rights and landing one and McGrattan throwing two rights and missing both. Godard misses two jersey jabs and McGrattan misses a right before Godard misses a right. McGrattan connects with a right and Godard then throws five jersey jabs, landing four. McGrattan misses a right and then Godard lands two jersey jabs. They pause and Godard lands a jersey jab, then McGrattan misses a right. Godard misses a right and then McGrattan lands a good right. They pause again and this time the officials step in between them and break it up. Another good scrap between these two. There was a lot of throwing although not a whole lot landed for either. McGrattan did slightly better but Godard did well too. The fight was quite close so I call it a draw.
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Sep 6, 2015 05:59 ET
Draw Fun 
This was a good action fight. McGrattan and Godard were talking off the draw and were ready to go once the puck was dropped. Brian missed a few blows and landed a solid right. Eric landed an average punch, missed a shot, and landed a solid connect. He missed a shot and landed a solid right. McGrattan missed a few blows and landed a pretty good shot. He missed a right.

Godard missed several punches and landed a solid blow. Brian missed a few shots and landed an average punch. He landed a partial connect and missed a few shots. Eric landed a couple of decent jersey jabs and missed several shots. He landed a decent blow and missed a punch. McGrattan missed a shot and landed an average blow. He missed two punches and landed an average shot. The refs stopped the heavyweight bout.

I rate this as a draw. Both men landed a number of effective blows. There was good sustained action between the rivals. I couldn't discern an edge.
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Nov 25, 2005 18:23 ET
Draw Fun 
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Nov 25, 2005 19:05 ET
Draw Fun 
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Nov 25, 2005 20:51 ET
Draw Fun 
As solid a draw as you can get. McGrattan lands a few hard shots but they catch more helmet than skin and Godard has some good jersey jabs. Spirited fight.
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Nov 26, 2005 00:52 ET
Draw Fun 
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Nov 26, 2005 09:08 ET
Eric Godard narrow win Fun 
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Nov 26, 2005 09:17 ET
Eric Godard narrow win Fun 
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Nov 26, 2005 12:47 ET
Brian McGrattan narrow win Fun 
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Nov 27, 2005 09:56 ET
Draw Fun 
They talk for a little bit and decide to drop the gloves right after the faceoff. McGrattan bends down to size up Godard as Godard grabs on to him as soon as McGrattan stands up straight. Godard throws a right and the two start exchanging big right hands. McGrattan lands a jersey-jab and a right cross as Godard comes back with a right of his own before they start exchanging rights again, with McGrattan's helmet being knocked off in the process. McGrattan misses with a right allowing Godard to throw two quick rights before McGrattan returns fire with rights. Godard throws a number of jersey-jabs while McGrattan continues to throw rights. Godard lands a hard jersey-jab before they throw a couple right hands each. After this short exchange they are visibly exhausted and the linesmen come in to break things up.
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Nov 27, 2005 19:52 ET
Draw Fun 
Both heavyweights go for the second time this season; there really wasn't a punch or series of punches in the bout to separate the two.

Solid draw between two very capable fighters; Godard is turning into a very reliable enforcer for the Isles in place of the departed Eric Cairns.
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Dec 15, 2005 14:54 ET
Draw Fun 
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Feb 13, 2006 13:30 ET
Eric Godard narrow win Fun 
I was at this game and it really was one of the best fights I have ever seen. Being there in person made it better. I think Eric Godard won this fight. He landed a bunch of hits on McGrattan especially the one where the helmet went flying off. McGrattan didnt appear to be landing many of his punches, so I say Eric Godard won this one.
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Mar 15, 2006 20:54 ET
Draw Fun 
Round 2. Solid draw.
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Mar 29, 2006 00:53 ET
Draw Fun 
Both landed some absolute bombs. Solid Draw
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Apr 19, 2006 20:01 ET
Brian McGrattan narrow win Fun 
they start off throwing bombs where Godard misses all his and McGrattan lands a few, then they stop for a couple seconds and Godard starts throwing jersey punch, then they open up for bombs again and McGrattan again lands the only good punches with one to Godards helmet that stuns him.
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Apr 15, 2007 19:57 ET
Draw Fun 
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Dec 5, 2007 17:58 ET
Draw Fun 
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Sep 21, 2008 22:47 ET
Brian McGrattan narrow win Fun 
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Mar 2, 2012 15:10 ET
Brian McGrattan narrow win Fun 
Thought McGrattan took this one.
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May 25, 2012 21:12 ET
Draw Fun 
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Oct 22, 2013 13:53 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jul 19, 2014 15:29 ET
Draw Fun 
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Aug 9, 2016 19:50 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jan 11 06:16 ET
Eric Godard narrow win Fun 
Great fight between two big enforcers. Both agreed to go after a little conversation after faceoff. Nice exchange from start to end. In the middle of scrap seemed Godard little bit better.
Apr 16, 2018 22:15 ET

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