Apr 5, 2006
Ottawa - Buffalo4-5 OT

Fight at 16:38
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 Brian McGrattan 6'4''  235lb 51661None
 Andrew Peters 6'4''  240lb 51262
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Apr 5, 2006 16:49 ET
Draw Fun 
Yet another go for these guys. They have a discussion on the draw and drop 'em once the puck goes into the neutral zone. Short square off, they grab on, and it's basically the same as their other three fights. Occasional jersey jabs, miss with the big rights. Peters does land a big right to McGrattan's ear that wobbles him, but he quickly regains his composure. They each land a right at the same time, McGrattan's landed better and knocked the helmet of Peters off. They take a few more swings at one another but don't connect, then stand with fists cocked, and the refs choose to jump in between them. Crowd wasn't happy with that move. They each landed one big shot, I'd call it a draw, not as good as their other fights.
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Jun 30, 2006 16:13 ET
Draw Fun 
Round 4 in what was a very entertaining season series between these two ends in what I'd call a draw. No need to describe the beginning because it's the same as always, and per usual they're clutching with the left and throwing with the right. Peters gets the first big connection, but McGrattan takes it and returns some rights that again knock Peters' lid off. Just as the fight is about to really get going the linesmen decide to step in and stop it. Like round 1 I'm suspicious as to why, maybe McGrattan was hurt from the shot Peters gave him (???). However, like round 1 I can't alter my call based on something I could only speculate about. Good fight while it lasted, with each landing a couple of big-time shots. I will have to remember to tune ESPN in next season when Ottawa and Buffalo are matched up.
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Aug 19, 2010 10:20 ET
Draw Fun 
The fourth and last fight between Brian McGrattan and Andrew Peters and the final fight for both of them on the season as they come together and drop the gloves late in the first period. They square off and get a grip with the left. They keep some distance from one another and prod with the left. McGrattan misses a right with Peters replying with a right that narrowly lands to the side of the head. They pause and then Peters lands another right, this one to the helmet. McGrattan comes back immediately with a right that falls short and then is able to turn away from a Peters right. They pause again and McGrattan comes up short with a right before taking a right to the back of the head from Peters. Peters misses a follow up right as McGrattan's bent over and McGrattan straightens up and then misses a right after pausing. McGrattan prods with the left and then misses a right wide. Both Peters and McGrattan prod and then Peters lowers his head. McGrattan misses a right and Peters is just short with a right. McGrattan misses a right with Peters responding with a right that just lands to the helmet. McGrattan misses a short right and then they both throw a right at the same time. Peters' connects to the helmet while McGrattan's lands to the face and takes off Peters' helmet. McGrattan misses a right afterwards and then prods with the left. Then McGrattan lands a right and Peters comes back with a missing right while he lowers his head. McGrattan lands a right to the top of the head and again Peters comes back with a missing right that's short. McGrattan misses a right and then they both pause, cocking a right. The officials decide to not let either throw and come in, stopping the fight. Pretty good tilt. I don't see a win either way, an even fight and a draw between two rivals.
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Apr 1, 2013 01:19 ET
Draw Fun 
Brian McGrattan vs. Andrew Peters (Rd V) / Apr 5, 2006

McGrattan and Peters dropped the gloves for what was their fifth meeting in the NHL, and their fourth of the season. In the last fight Peters broke McGrattan's orbital bone before calling in the officials as a gesture of respect. McGrattan was looking for some respective revenge in this one as Peters was now technically winning the series after his previous win. After shedding the mitts near the benches, both guys moved out towards the blue-line to square off.

McGrattan didn't waste any time as he reached out and grabbed Peters, but both were reluctant to throw the first punch after getting set-up. Peters got things going as he attempted to to land a jab but was unsuccessful. McGrattan then fell short with a right and Peters responded with a straight right that clipped the side of McGrattan's helmet. McGrattan then faked a right and Peters threw another right that looked to fall short.

Both guys then fell short with rights, and Peters was the only one to have landed anything at this stage. McGrattan quickly changed that as he landed two jersey jabs on Peters followed by a right that clipped the side of Peters' helmet. Peters responded with a solid right to the back of McGrattan's helmet that looked to rattle the Senators' tough guy as he almost lost his balance. Peters wasn't able to follow up on his punch as he fell short with the proceeding shot.

McGrattan tried to respond but once more fell short with the right. McGrattan landed another jab but wasn't able to follow it up as he fell short with the right again, and Peters answered with a jab of his own. McGrattan then landed a good jab on Peters but again wasn't able to follow up with a right as Peters ducked his head down. Peters came back with two rights that both just clipped the side of McGrattan's helmet as McGrattan looked for an opportunity to respond.

Both guys then landed simultaneous blows with McGrattan coming off better having knocked Peters' helmet off. McGrattan was able to follow up with another right that grazed the side of Peters' head. McGrattan then set himself up and landed with another right to the side of Peters' head. Peters quickly tried to throw back but fell short as he ducked another right from McGrattan.

Peters then tossed a right at McGrattan that may have grazed him before going back on the defensive as McGrattan came back with a right, but could only hit Peters on the back. Both guys then cocked their right hands back, but were hesitant to throw anything more. The officials then ceased the opportunity to intervene and get between the two combatants. Both guys exchanged some words in-between the officials and gave each other a respective nod.

Both guys made their way off the ice, after a decent scrap. This one wasn't great compared to their previous battles but wasn't a bad fight. Both guys showed respect for one another and didn't let their hands go as much as in their previous three fights this season. I'm calling this fight a draw, as both landed roughly the same amount of punches and neither were able to gain a real upper hand at any stage in the fight.

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Jul 22, 2015 18:53 ET
Draw Fun 
McGrattan employed a better fight plan against Peters this time around. Andrew missed a blow and landed a partial connect. Brian missed several punches. He landed two decent lefts and missed a punch. Peters landed an average blow and a good shot. He missed a punch. McGrattan missed a shot and landed a decent blow. He missed a shot and landed an average jab.

Andrew had the edge in the early going, but McGrattan landed some jabs to stay in the fight. Peters landed a decent blow and missed a shot. He landed an average blow and a solid right. Brian missed a few blows and landed a good shot. He landed a solid right and an average punch. Andrew missed a punch and landed an average blow. McGrattan missed a few punches. The refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a draw. Both men landed about a half dozen blows. Peters got the better of the early action. McGrattan came on late.
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Apr 6, 2017 14:05 ET
Draw Fun 
The 4th and final fight in the 2005-2006 series between heavyweights Andrew Peters and Brian McGrattan. This would also prove to be the only draw in their series during this particular season. The two tough guys drop their gloves and square off at center ice. McGrattan misses with a right and Peters connects with one. Both men miss with a right hand before Peters scores with a right. McGrattan tosses two jersey jabs at Peters as they grapple. McGrattan lands a right but Peters suddenly tags him with a big right to the side of the ear. McGrattan is momentarily stung by the blow but to his credit, he regains his composure.

Both men miss with a right hand. McGrattan tosses a jab and lands a right over the top. Both men throw a jab before McGrattan misses with a right. Peters gets a right in before landing again to the side of McGrattan's head. Both men simultaneously throw a right hand. Peters lands his to the side of McGrattan's head. However McGrattan scores much more accurately with his punch. He lands a big right hand that knocks the helmet off Peters. McGrattan follows that up by landing a right plus a left jab. McGrattan lands two more rights as Peters misses with two punches. The two men stop punching and grapple, cocking their right hands. The officials take this opportunity to step in, to the displeasure of the fans who boo.

This was a solid tilt but easily the weakest of their fights during the 2005-2006 season. Both men showed respect for one another as they employed a much more conservative fighting style this time around. Peters built an early lead but McGrattan came back to even up the punch count and thus secure the draw.
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Apr 5, 2006 23:53 ET
Draw Fun 
McGrattan does better than last time but Peters stood in well again. They each landed some jersey jabs and some right hands. Peters delivered a hard right to the earhole early, then McGrattan came back with a huge right that knocked the helmet off of Peters. Before they stopped throwing, Peters throw another solid punch that appeared to catch McGrattan on the left side of his face. Good even scrap.
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Dec 28, 2007 12:18 ET
Draw Fun 
The rematch from their third fight of the year where Peters messed up McGrattan's face.

They meet up talk and drop the gloves. After a fairly long square off they grab on. They threw some jersey jabs at arms length and McGrattan missed a short right. Peters threw a right back that missed. Peters threw another right hitting shoulder, McGrattan responded and missed with a counter punch and Peters came back missing again with a right. McGrattan tried another right that missed and Peters rocked McGrattan with a hard right to the side of the head. McGrattan almost fell but got straightend back up and Peters missed his follow up punch. McGrattan thought of throwing a haymaker but Peters had his right cocked back and was waiting for McGrattan to move a little closer. So Instead McGrattan grabbed Peters a pulled him closer where he tried a right and missed. Both came in with jabs, McGrattan missed a right and Peters fired one back that glanced McGrattan. Peters came around and got in another right. Peters came up for another big right and landed with it but he took a bomb from McGrattan that sent his helmet flying. McGrattan now was more confident and fired another haymaker missing as Peters was now the one keeping his distance. They than had an exchange, McGrattan threw three rights and landed two of them, Peters threw two and missed both. They than stood off both guys with their right cocked waiting for the other guy to come in so they could unload but neither guy took the bait and the linesmen came in.

Good stand off bout where both guys tossed bombs back and forth. Draw as Peters got his good punch early, McGrattan got his late and both guys landed a couple decent punches.
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Apr 5, 2006 16:43 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
Peters landed the best punch of the fight...a right which stunned McGrattan. McGratts regained his balance and the remainder of the fight was a draw.

Very good scrap, but the refs intervened too early.
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Apr 5, 2006 16:53 ET
Brian McGrattan narrow win Fun 
Good fighhhhttt once again....edge Gratts
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Apr 5, 2006 21:35 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
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Apr 5, 2006 22:12 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
No way edge McGratton. Either Draw or win Narrow win Peters. Peters lands two big shots to McGratton's one.
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Apr 6, 2006 00:19 ET
Draw Fun 
Heavyweight battle.Both guys had one big shot,i'll give a draw.I think Peters would fight more,if he could be more on the ice.
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Apr 6, 2006 04:12 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
This was a quite long fight and they threw many punches so this was worth watching but not a classic. Narrow win for Peters becuse he landed at least one big punch in the beginning. McGrattan came back but not enough, Peters took this one.
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Apr 6, 2006 06:10 ET
Draw Fun 
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Apr 6, 2006 07:42 ET
Brian McGrattan narrow win Fun 
mgrattan narrow win. I was @ the game mcgrattan got better punches in
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Apr 6, 2006 11:17 ET
Draw Fun 
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Apr 6, 2006 12:55 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
Peters definatly landed the better punches.
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Apr 6, 2006 15:37 ET
Draw Fun 
No way to give a winner here. Hope these two continue to go with eachother often.
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Apr 7, 2006 20:26 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
Peters tags Gratts with a couple good ones
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Apr 10, 2006 11:44 ET
Draw Fun 
Square-off in the neutral zone. Typical McGrattan fight. Long fight with jersey jabs and big rights. Peters lands a good one which nearly knocked McGrattan down, but McGrattan regained his composure quickly and landed a big one, which knocked Peters helmet off.
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Apr 11, 2006 17:34 ET
Draw Fun 
solid draw
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May 23, 2006 13:36 ET
Draw Fun 
Round 4.

Their worst of the bunch, still very entertaining. You can see the respect they have for each other, the only thing landing in this fight were a bunch of jersey jabs. I think they each had one good right hand the entire fight.
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Jul 28, 2006 16:32 ET
Andrew Peters narrow win Fun 
two of my fav fighters going at it..both landed some good shots..gave peters the narrow win b/c he landed slightly better than mcgrattan
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Dec 28, 2006 13:44 ET
Draw Fun 
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Dec 6, 2007 06:15 ET
Draw Fun 
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Dec 6, 2007 10:03 ET
Draw Fun 
Both guys had each other at arms length for most of this fight, facing away. Nothing too good really landed. Boring fight.
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Aug 1, 2016 18:41 ET
Draw Fun 
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Aug 13, 2017 00:22 ET
Draw Fun 
Good fight, yet again they go back and forth trading heavy jabs and haymakers, both landed virtually even and both landed some heavy blows, a well earned draw to both men.
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Aug 13, 2017 07:22 ET
Draw Fun 
Apr 5, 2006 18:33 ET
McGrattan never took another shift after this fight. I haven't heard anything yet, but he may have been injured again (I don't think Bryan Murray would sit him the entire game, close or not, right?).Reply
Apr 5, 2006 19:09 ET
Quote from message by WanderingEye
McGrattan never took another shift after this fight. I haven't heard anything yet, but he may have been injured again (I don't think Bryan Murray would sit him the entire game, close or not, right?).
Was his previous injury from playing or a fight?
Apr 5, 2006 19:55 ET
i believe it was a broken nose which he suffered in his last fight with peters. If im wrong someone pull my comment.Reply
Apr 6, 2006 04:40 ET
Quote from message by hcanine
Was his previous injury from playing or a fight?
It was from his last fight with Peters, his eye was swollen completely shut after the fight and he missed some games recovering from it. I don't know if he was hurt again here, but he never took the ice again, so maybe.
Apr 6, 2006 14:47 ET
He is playing tonight. I don't think he got another shift because the game was so tight.Reply
Aug 19, 2008 22:53 ET
The fight.


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