Dec 2, 2000
NY Rangers - Toronto2-8

Summary Of Events
1  35:50  Fight  Purinton-Corson
2  41:02  Rough  Brown-Roberts
3  51:18  Scrum    

Fight at 35:50
Duration 0:54ThrownLanded   Big   
 Dale Purinton 6'3'' 2226lb 241571None
 Shayne Corson 6'1'' 2202lb 2420101
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May 25, 2011 10:56 ET
Draw Fun 
Shayne Corson and Dale Purinton get into it on an icing call and drop the gloves. Corson and Purinton begin in close quarters, wrestling. Purinton attempts to get his right loose but Corson gets inside and lets go a flurry of eight rights, landing five. Corson pauses and then lands one last right as Purinton tries to lean away. They gain some space from each other as Corson misses two rights and Purinton shakes his arm to get his right free again. Purinton misses a right and Corson connects with a left afterwards but then Purinton lands a left of his own. Corson tries to throw a left but is locked out by Purinton who then throws three rights and lands two, loosing Corson's helmet as he gets back in close quarters. The helmet stays on as Purinton then connects with a right and Corson misses a left before Purinton throws two lefts and lands one. They pause and grapple for a little bit, then Purinton misses a right. Corson throws two rights, landing one as the linesmen try to get in but Purinton lands a left before Corson misses a right. Purinton then throws four lefts, landing three with two landing nicely and Corson lands a strong left that causes him to lose his hold. Corson then misses a right after Purinton misses a left. Corson gets his hold back and throws two lefts, landing one and Purinton misses a right as they get back in close quarters. Corson misses a right and the linesmen get back in to break it up. Purinton then misses a left which lands on one of the linesmen, cutting him open above the eye. Good, spirited tilt between a veteran power forward in Corson and a rookie enforcer in Purinton. Draw.
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Apr 10, 2015 18:29 ET
Draw Fun 
This was a pretty good scrap. Purinton tied up Corson's left hand early. Shayne made a quick adjustment and threw a volley of rights. He landed an average shot and a decent blow. He missed a punch and landed six decent blows in a row. He missed a punch and landed a decent shot. Dale missed a blow and landed an average left. Corson landed a partial connect.

Purinton landed an average blow and a solid shot. He missed a punch and landed a light blow. Shayne landed a partial connect. Dale landed an average shot and missed two punches. He landed a solid blow, missed a punch, and landed an average connect. He landed a solid punch and a partial connect. He landed an average blow and missed a shot. Corson missed a punch and landed a solid blow. He landed a couple of decent punches. Purinton missed a shot. Shayne missed a blow. Dale missed a punch over an official. The refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a draw. Corson landed more punches, but I thought Purinton landed with better overall impact. Shayne had the early edge, but Dale rallied nicely to earn the draw.
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Aug 12, 2017 22:20 ET
Draw Fun 
Corson and Purinton decide to settle their dispute with some fisticuffs. They drop their gloves and come together hugging right away. Corson lands a decent right and misses a right. He lands two partial helmet blows and then lands five very good rights that connect on the side of Purinton's helmet and ear. Corson then lands an average short right and an average right and they start clinching. Corson lands a right and Purinton partially connects with an overhand right. Corson misses a left and Purinton lands a decent left to his face. Purinton lands two good rights and a short right. He lands a pretty weak left and lands a good right before missing another right. He connects on an average right and a decent right. He lands a weak shot and misses another blow. Corson lands a short right and Purinton connects with a decent left. Purinton misses a shot and lands a decent short left. He lands a left and Corson counters by landing a decent left. Purinton misses a left cross and dodges a Corson left. Corson lands a good left and Purinton lands a short left. Corson misses a right and they take a break before the linesmen jump in there to separate both men. Purinton misses a right over the linesmen and the fight is officially done.

I rate this fight as a draw. Corson got the early lead, but Purinton came back hard and landed decent shots. He took over the bout but Corson managed to land some significant blows towards the end of the contest. They landed around the same amount of blows but one may argue that Purinton landed a tad better for the narrow win. I personnally don't think it was enough to earn a narrow win. Good action bout, a 7.5.
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Aug 8, 2005 07:35 ET
Draw Fun 
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Dec 19, 2005 01:59 ET
Draw Fun 
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Apr 4, 2006 04:34 ET
Shayne Corson narrow win Fun 
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Aug 31, 2008 10:13 ET
Draw Fun 
Good fight. Corson pounded the back of Purinton's helmet early, Purinton came back and they traded them with Purinton doing a bit better. When the linesmen came in Purinton threw one at Corson, but instead of Corson he hit the linesman Scapinello who got cut.
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May 28, 2014 00:22 ET
Shayne Corson narrow win Fun 
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May 28, 2014 07:40 ET
Draw Fun 
A gem of a fight ensues between Corson & Purinton. Corson punctuates many consecutive swings with a few facialpunches as Purinton gets off to a slow start by not landing anything in return. But then Purinton frees up his swinging-arm and finds the leverage to answer all those other swings by Corson. So, at this point in time, he evens the punch-count between himself & Corson. Then both guys take turns delivering 2 or 3 periodic facialpunches that extend into a series over a period of time. Obviously, this fight takes shape as an old-fashioned John L. Sullivan slugfest. Draw in an animal fight.
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Sep 30, 2014 14:24 ET
Draw Fun 
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Sep 30, 2014 15:48 ET
Draw Fun 
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Aug 12, 2017 22:46 ET
Draw Fun 
Good tilt, Corson ties up Purinton pretty good early and lands some punches but Purinton does come back and manages to even it up, Solid draw.
Jun 28, 2009 15:45 ET
Here's the end of the fight
Dec 28, 2015 17:14 ET
Aug 15, 2016 18:20 ET

Rough at 41:02
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Duration 0:14
 Brad Brown 6'3'' 1221lb 12None
 Gary Roberts 6'2'' 1209lb 12
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Aug 10, 2013 16:40 ET
Gary Roberts backhands the puck in and takes a check from Valeri Kamensky. Kamensky and Roberts shove and then Mark Messier, Mike York, and Darcy Tucker come in too. Roberts gets a gloved left in on Kamensky as he's grabbed by Nikolai Antropov. Messier and Roberts grapple and have some words for each other when suddenly Brad Brown barges in. Brown shoves Roberts back against the boards, getting him bent over them and almost knocking his helmet off. Brown throws a few gloved rights afterwards but none connect on Roberts who ducks away. Dave Manson then grabs Brown from behind and facewashes him as Brown drops the gloves. Brown manages to get the glove of Manson off and grabs Roberts. A linesman comes in to keep Brown and Roberts apart as Roberts gets his head up and faces Brown. Brown tries to get free to throw again but his arm is pulled back by Manson who then facewashes Brown again. Brown is then pulled away by a linesman while Manson grapples with Messier. The linesman and Brown do some talking and Brown is sent to the box. Fun 
Dec 28, 2015 17:15 ET


Scrum at 51:18
NY Rangers PlayersToronto Players
Duration 0:14  Adam Graves  Michal Grosek  Manny Malhotra  Rich Pilon     Dave Manson  Bryan McCabe  Garry Valk   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: None
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Aug 10, 2013 16:54 ET
Rich Pilon takes a run at Sergei Berezin but Berezin ducks the hit. Despite that, the run draws the ire of several of Berezin's teammates. Garry Valk comes in to get at Pilon but he's pushed back and wrestled to the ice by Manny Malhotra. Dave Manson then steps in and jousts with Pilon. Pilon misses a gloved right as Manson drops the gloves, shoves Pilon back, and misses a left. They get in tight but then Adam Graves grabs Manson from behind and drags him to the ice. Pilon goes down on top of Manson but then Michal Grosek is wrestled on top of Pilon by Bryan McCabe. The linesmen break them up and end the scrum there. A brief, minor, skirmish between a few players on each team. Fun 

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