Fighting skills of Adam McQuaid in the 2012-2013 NHL

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Jan 24, 2016 09:48 ET
45This was an off year for McQuaid. He got schooled by Tanner Glass. He lost to Fraser and Labrie. Adam got into some bad habits, such as pillow punching. The characteristic pop in his blows was strangely absent in some of the contests. It was a long cry from the effective shots in his best season against Fraser McLaren.McQuaid liked to use his reach, but this was another area where he slipped during this particular season. Glass was able to tie him up and take away that advantage. McQuaid usually liked to pot shot with strong punches when an opening arose. He failed to take advantage of some of the openings this season.Fraser used physical advantages to gain the advantage in tit-for-tat fighting. Glass demonstrated that McQuaid could be outboxed by a sturdy guy in his weight class. Tanner took away Adam's right arm. McQuaid could switch hands, but he was in his comfort zone when he got rights off.

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