Fighting skills of Adam McQuaid in the 2013-2014 NHL

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Jan 23, 2016 22:04 ET
66McQuaid had a nice win over the tough Frazer McLaren. He had strong efforts against Nystrom, Stuart, Clifford, and Maroon. The win over McLaren brings him up to a six in my opinion. This may have been his best season as a fighter.McQuaid has a basic style of using his reach. He has good stamina and can outlast guys. When the pacing is slow, it is to his advantage. He has some pop in his blows. He boxes with the purpose of landing effective shots. He doesn't do it for grappling purposes.It is usually best to get on the inside and step up the activity. He can box from the outside very well. He gets into a rhythm and times his punches well. He does it at a time when he isn't exposes to too much incoming fire. He knows how to fight and is intelligent. He is far from a master boxer like a McRae or Langdon.

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