Fighting skills of Adam McQuaid in the 2014-2015 NHL

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Jan 23, 2016 21:52 ET
55McQuaid tends to pick his spots some. He didn't take on top opposition this season. He played it safe and took on guys he could handle. Thus, I will rate him as average in the league. He didn't take on the toughest guys around, although it has happened in past seasons. He cleaned up on Oleksy, Carcillo, and Schultz.He likes to use his reach. He likes to alternate between the body and head. He pays attention to defense. He has good fighting stamina and has good pacing.Inferior opposition has trouble with McQuaid. He looks more ordinary against better opposition. Bigger punchers should try to bang. Adam has a little better than average power, but is not the biggest hitter. Others should try to get inside his long arms and fight on the inside.

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