Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1990-1991 NHL

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May 10, 2014 11:46 ET
79Tie Domi made a big splash in his NHL rookie season. He tried to take on as many heavyweights as he could in the limited playing time he got. He did pretty well with most of them. He had a couple clear losses against the upper echelon (Craig Berube and Dave Brown), but had a lot of great showings against some real tough boys (John Kordic, Jeff Beukeboom, and Ken Baumgartner). Domi showed a lot of promise.

Jan 26, 2015 10:45 ET
79Impressive rookie season for Domi and what made it even more impressive was the fact that he only played 28 regular season games, but racked up 16 fighting majors in them. Domi was busy in preseason as well, he scored an impressive TKO win over A.May, he edged Vukota and non fighter Volek in a nothing fight and lost to Baumgartner and Chychrun. In regular season his record was 6-6-4. Domi beat two big names as he gave Baumgartner his only loss of the season in their rematch and he hammered J.Kordic pretty well. Domi also TKO'd Beukeboom, beat Horacek and two non heavyweights B.Sweeney and P.Bourque. Domi got clearly beaten by Brown and Berube who were both top 5 imo, he also lost to Byers, Hunter, Baumgartner and Daneyko but those were all pretty close fights. Domi drew with Daneyko in round 2, Peluso and Crowder and Potvin in shit fights.
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