Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1992-1993 NHL

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Feb 6, 2014 12:03 ET
7892/93 was not as good as 91/92 was for Domi, but he was still a Top 10 fighter in my view. Domi's biggest win was a TKO win over A.May, he also pummelled Odgers, beat Ciccone easily and got the decisions against Cronin and Hartman. Domi also edged LHW's/MW's Wilkinson and Momesso and beat two non fighters Slegr and Benning for good measure. Domi put up a great fight against Probert in their rematch even though he got beat up in that one, Brown beat the crap out of him, Ray outslugged him in their first fight and surprisingly Agnew hammered him, Domi also narrowly lost to two Top 5 guys McSorley and Grimson. Domi had a draw in his rematch with Ray which was a great scrap, he drew with Kimble, Odgers in rd2 and had shit draw with Berube and also with McKenzie (no majors) and Manson (no majors).

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