Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1993-1994 NHL

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Feb 6, 2014 12:27 ET
78I didn't put Domi in my Top 10 this season, but it was very close, for me it was either Domi or Vial for that last spot and I chose Vial because he had win/wins over Top 10 competition this season and Domi didn't. Anyways Domi had a nice win over Peluso who he dropped, he beat up Russell, edged Bialowas, KO'd S.Smith, had edges/wins over Zmolek and B.Thompson while also beating weaker opponents like Houda, Berehowsky and Charbonneau. Domi lost his both scraps against McCarthy, but McCarthy of course was the #1 this season, he also lost to his rival Ray who quickly stripped out of his jersey and pounded the back of Domi's helmet. Domi also had surprise losses against McRae and especially against punching bag Jennings who also bloodied Domi in the process. Domi dropped them with Probert and Berube, but both of those scraps ended in shit draws. Domi also fought Kimble, Wilkinson, Antoski and McRae in a rematch, but unfortunately there's very limited footage of those fights and they can only be rated as N/A.

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