Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1994-1995 NHL

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May 29, 2013 10:48 ET
88I had Domi in my Top 5 in this shortened season. Domi did really well against McCarthy, who I think was the #1 fighter in the league, they had a 3 fight series with two draws and Domi clearly winning one of the fights (rd 2). Domi TKO'd Zmolek, beat McRae and Cummins and jumped Trevor Linden in a fight filled WIN-VAN game. Domi fought to a draw with Odjick, Johnson, Donnelly x2 and Wood (great fight), he also had a shit draw with Russell (no majors). The only loss Domi suffered was against Churla in a great marathon fight where Churla outlasted Domi.

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