Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1995-1996 NHL

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Jun 15, 2013 10:08 ET
88Domi had a very good 95/96 season and I had him #5 in my Top 10 this season. He fought a lot of the top 10 guys (Simon x3, Ray x3, Probert x3, Grimson, McSorley) and had one of the best fight cards. Domi edged Simon, who IMO was #3 this season in their third fight, beat Grimson in preseason and Grimson was another Top 10 guy. Domi's other wins included heavyweights like Vial (preseason), Odjick, Brashear, Huard, Bonvie, R.Simpson, Daniels, Vukota and middleweights Kaminski and Houda. He also KO'd Ulfie with a suckerpunch and got suspended. Domi's first fight with Ray was a great one and a draw. He also drew with Probert in their 3rd fight, McSorley in a crap fight, Vial in a good scrap and Severyn and Manson in shit fights. Domi had his share of losses, but almost all of them were against top heavyweights and most of them were narrow losses. Simon clearly beat him in two fights, Ray also got the better of him in two scraps after losing his jersey both times. Probert edged him in two close battles and Grimson and Leroux also edged him. Domi's worst loss was in a preseason bout against Brashear, who certainly wasn't a Top 10 heavyweight yet, but surprisinly floored Domi with lefts for the TKO.

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