Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1996-1997 NHL

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May 29, 2013 10:27 ET
8826 fighting majors in regular season and I had him 13-3-10 in those, impressive numbers, but you have to take a look at his opponents, he didn't beat any top10 guys. Best HW he beat was Landgon who was top15 most likely but not top10 yet. His other wins came against Cote, Russell, Major, Wood, Daniels, T.Simpson, Leboutillier, Barnaby, Karpa, Houda, Petit and Wotton, lot of lightheavy/middleweight type of guys on that list. Had good showings with McCarthy and Probert, both draws. Other draws with his archrival Ray, McCarty, Peluso, McKay, J.Stevenson, Marchment, Nazarov and Baron. Slight loss against Grimson in Hartford and just like Laus, he surprisingly had his hands full with middleweight Rob DiMaio, who was able to edge Domi as well. In his last fight of the season he suffered an upset loss against young Jamie Allison who shocked the Maple Leafs fans by dropping Domi on his arse!

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