Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1997-1998 NHL

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Jul 5, 2014 11:27 ET
88Domi was one of the most active fighters with 26 regular season fighting majors and again an easy pick to the Top 10. He didn't really beat any Top 10 guys, but a had big wins against legit heavies like Oliwa, Belanger, Ray and R.Simpson. Domi also KO'd Russell in their 3rd fight, got the better of Leroux and McKenna in lousy fights and handled non heavies Corson, Pushor, Zmolek, Berehowsky and Donovan (no majors) easily. Domi had a couple upset losses, against Russell in round2 and Witt, but his worst loss was the beatdown received by Odgers in their first fight and he was also dropped by Probert in his last fight of the season. Domi had an excellent draw with Langdon in a marathon, other nice draws with Johnson and Oliwa in round1 and shit draws with Brashear, Worrell and McSorley. Domi's other draws were against Russell in round1 which was a beauty, Lacroix, Odgers in their rematch & J.Stevenson in a shit fight.

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