Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1998-1999 NHL

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Feb 14, 2014 10:38 ET
88Tie Domi had a very dominant season in 1998-1999. He was easily a top 10 fighter and arguably in the top 5 as well. Domi beat 2 other top 10 fighters when he dropped Oliwa and had a clear victory over Probert in the last fight between the two in their rivalry. He beat Baumgartner as well as his rival Ray with clear wins over both men. Domi also dropped Cummins and Manson, as well as beating light heavyweights like Odelein, Corson, Simpson, and middleweights Stern and Dineen. Tie also had a few losses too. Worrell and Odgers had clear wins over him, McCarty had a slight victory in a bad fight, and most surprisingly Domi was KO'd by Grant Marshall who is no heavyweight. Domi drew with his rivals Ray and Baumgartner, as well as Cote and Odelein.

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