Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 1999-2000 NHL

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Feb 8, 2014 16:12 ET
6799/00 was not particularly good season for Domi, he went a little downhill after his strong 98/99 season and I left him out of my Top 10 this season. Domi had uneventful draws with Manson and Vandenbussche in preseason. In regular season Domi beat his rival Ray and took care of Dingman, Roy and Cummins who were pretty much 2nd tier heavyweights, he also beat light-heavies Allison and McKay and edged Berube in a crap fight. He had another fight with Berube during the famous Leafs-Flyers brawl, if you can call it a fight and Domi got cut in that one after he first ran away from Berube and McCarthy. Domi lost to Cairns who I think was Top 5 this season, Laus edged him in a rather boring fight and he also suffered some upset losses against the likes of Lambert who fed him with unanswered lefts, Corson who dropped him in a great tussle and Odelein who edged him in a boring scrap. Domi's only draw in regular season was a shit draw with May.

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