Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 2002-2003 NHL

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Feb 8, 2014 16:44 ET
7602/03 was a good season for veteran Domi and he was still Top 10 material. His most important win was in a playoff fight against Brashear, that was a big win considering Brashear was a Top 3 guy. Domi had other nice wins as well, he beat up and bloodied Neil in their first fight, beat another veteran Odgers and edged his old rival Ray in their final fight against each other. Domi also had a win over Barnaby in a crap fight and he suckerpunched Arvedson and bloodied him. Domi lost a decision against Fedoruk in a good close tilt and he was also edged by Sawyer and Wiemer in fights where he didn't look very interested. Domi fought to a draw with a big tough rookie Godard, he drew with Neil in their rematch and crap draws with Shelley, Sutton and Lacouture. Domi also drew with Brookbank in preseason.

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