Fighting skills of Tie Domi in the 2005-2006 NHL

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Jun 29, 2015 16:22 ET
33The 2005-2006 season was Tie Domi's last year in the NHL. After suffering a cracked bone in his hand in a playoff fight against Chris Neil in 2004, Domi did not have the same punching power he once did. Additionally he turned 36 early in the season and age finally caught up to him. Domi suffered a dismal 05-06 campaign. His only win was against middleweight Dan LaCouture in their 2nd fight of the season. Domi suffered a big TKO loss against rookie Brian McGrattan, as well as Ottawa tough guy Chris Neil, and middleweight LaCouture in their first battle. Domi had draws in crap fights against defensemen Andrew Alberts and Jay McKee. Domi had 2 unfair fights, one against Todd Simpson who turtled after Tie jumped him. The other unfair fight was against Eric Boulton during a line brawl where Boulton landed several punches on Domi who was held down and couldn't fight back.

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